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Dec 6 schmacky commented on May Fiona Apple's "Trump's Nuts" Become the Holiday Classic It Deserves to Be.
Shut that goddamn dog up! This clip must drive Charles crazy.
Dec 6 schmacky commented on How Trump Turned Christmas Films into Horror Films.
Great writing, if depressing. The Trump pall is thick and terrible.
Dec 1 schmacky commented on Open Letter to Mitt Romney: Please Sell Out and Be Secretary of State.
I agree with this post. It's horrible that we are in a place where Romney as SoS is the best option (by far), but here we are nonetheless. Anybody telling him to turn it down out of principle should shut the hell up.
Nov 28 schmacky commented on Uh, So This Is The Year The Sounders Make The MLS Cup Final? Cool, I Guess!.
They got the conference finals win over the Colorado Rapids, not FC Dallas
Nov 17 schmacky commented on Zuckerberg May Think This Is "Crazy," But a Fake News Creator Says: "Trump Is in the White House Because of Me".
Ok hold on. Just because this douche thinks he influenced the election doesn't make it so. Don't get me wrong: he and his kind (who also posted fake shit that was pro-Clinton) should all be floated out on a leaky raft in the middle of the ocean and left for dead with a can of spam and a rusty pocket knife. I just think confirmation bias and a lack of critical thinking skills (along with historical white privelege, of course) were what blew the election, not Facebook and/or some random jackass.
Nov 4 schmacky commented on Totally Chill #SpiritCooking Conspiracy Puts Clinton's Inner Circle in League with Satan.
It's amazing to me how Assange and Wikileaks have sacrificed every last shred of their integrity and reputation on the altar of this election. If Hillary wins, they're done forever.
Oct 26 schmacky commented on Savage Love.
I just got "Clambien"....ha! Well played.
Oct 26 schmacky commented on Guest Editorial: It’s Time to Move Forward on Pot Tourism in Washington State.
Hear, hear! (Or maybe that should be "Here! Here!")
Oct 24 schmacky commented on Seahawks Tie Cardinals In Unendingly Frustrating Defensive Masterpiece.
Everything @5 just said. Also, Wilson, for the first time since getting injured, actually looks injured. He was missing guys all night. Cause for concern to this dyed-in-the-wool northwest sports fan pessimist.
Oct 21 schmacky commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Woman Tries To Find a Parking Spot In Capitol Hill.
She deserved it. Unless she was holding it for a disabled person or some such thing, you don't get to "save" a spot with your body. That's not how parking etiquette works.