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12:04 PM yesterday schmacky commented on Inequality, Human Nature, and Dispersion of Outcomes.
So what you're saying is capitalism doesn't encourage our best intentions? Not sure that's particularly groundbreaking at this point, but sure.
Apr 11 schmacky commented on Interactive City Council Districts Map.
District 7 has Queen Anne and Magnolia...and downtown. Pretty sure the interests of wealthy homeowners in those two neighborhoods are going to conflict with those of the urban core.
Apr 11 schmacky commented on Jägermeister Becomes Symbol of Gentrification and Gay-Bashing on "Cap Hill".
I've lived in Seattle for 23 years (5 of them on the Hill) and have heard the term "Cap Hill" used over "Capitol Hill" by a 2-1 ratio, at least. Unless you consider Fremont or Ballard to be suburbs, your assertion is totally wrong.
Apr 10 schmacky commented on Gun Nuts Prepare for "Shot Heard Around the US" Day on April 19th.
To me, there's nothing less "patriotic" than the Civil War, when the country these people profess to love so much nearly tore itself apart. Why is that the impetus for this event? Or is it pointless to even ask in the face of bottomless, reactionary idiocy?
Apr 9 schmacky commented on Maternal Leave and the US.
They get 12 weeks in fucking Pakistan?? Man, we suck.
Apr 4 schmacky commented on Orange Theory Fitness Responds to Criticism That Its Ad Campaign Exploits Memorials to Dead Cyclists.
@18: Yes! And maybe they should do a Crimea tie-in.
Apr 3 schmacky commented on Gun-Crazy Country: Man Allegedly Shoots Neighbor While Spraying For Weeds.
So they'll have to release him, right? Why did they even arrest Smith in the first place? He abided by the law as written. The guy threatened him, and thus was fair game. I guess they have to make sure Smith was actually threatened, but then again the guy he shot dead (as was his right and duty as a citizen) was a felon anyway. So why bother?

I mean really, they should just amend the law so that any felon walking the streets can be gunned down on site. After all, felons by their very nature are threatening from a certain point of view. Let's save some time here and just slaughter them like hogs in the abattoir.
Apr 2 schmacky commented on US Politicians Can Ignore American Billionaires No Longer!.
@21: You do know it helps Goldy garner more page views and SEO cred when the Slog links to him, right? Dan could have linked to anybody; he linked to Goldy as a favor, not the other way around.
Apr 2 schmacky commented on What Do You Think of the Lucy Trailer?.
"You know how they say we only use 10% of our brains? I think we only use 10% of our hearts." - John Beckwith

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