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10:41 AM yesterday schmacky commented on The Morning News: Invasions, Infections, Intrusions.
I can't believe you didn't surface this:

Man in tux shoots at couple who see him having sex in Seattle alley…
Aug 26 schmacky commented on Tonight in Music: The English Beat and Radius Etc..
@5: Happy to help! ;)
Aug 26 schmacky commented on Tonight in Music: The English Beat and Radius Etc..
No mention of the sure-to-be-awesome Sylvan Esso show tonight at Neumos? The one that was booked at Barboza but had to be moved to the larger venue because everybody loves them right now? Not cool enough for you?

Sometimes you guys just drop the ball on this music stuff, I swear.
Aug 24 schmacky commented on Sunday Comic.
I do like the mustache.
Aug 22 schmacky commented on People Should Stop Mountain Climbing.
It takes guts (or stupidity) to write a specious anti-climbing blog post intended for a Seattle-based audience. Kudos (or: What the fuck were you thinking??)!
Aug 20 schmacky commented on The Racial Thing That Happened to Me Recently at a Madrona Restaurant.
What @8 said... Waiters are all racist AND sexist!
Aug 19 schmacky commented on St. Louis Police Shoot and Kill Knife-Wielding Man Four Miles from Ferguson.
I'd love to see "shot in the leg" re-enter the lexicon of police procedure when dealing with knife-wielding suspects.
Aug 18 schmacky commented on Facebook Fails on Ferguson.
What @5 said.
Aug 18 schmacky commented on Robots Are Coming for Your Jobs.
Wait...if robots can do everything for us and we no longer need to do anything, hasn't capitalism done its job? Can we not spike that football, do our touchdown dance, get rid of "labor" entirely and devote ourselves to lives of leisure and the pursuit of hobbies? Labor of all kinds only exists to provide goods we need to live, and provide laborers with the means to buy those same goods. But if labor isn't needed, it's time to rethink the entire equation of capitalism. When we get to the point where machines can do everything, can't we just have everything for free? Or at least most things? I'm serious. If machines can, for instance, conceive of a new car, gather the necessary materials for the car, build the car and drive the car, can't I just have one? I don't owe the machine doesn't need to be paid. So why do I need money to buy it?

If this video is accurate, capitalism is doomed anyway. It's more than just a "labor crisis"...if nobody has the ability to spend money (because they don't have any after being replaced by a robot), then nobody can make money either, no matter how efficient their robots are.

We either rethink capitalism entirely and prepare for what's next, or the world descends into chaos after capitalism collapses.
Aug 16 schmacky commented on The Saturday Morning News.
Look, the cops in Ferguson are assholes. The cop who shot Brown should be charged with murder. Their crowd control tactics were beyond heavy-handed, and exposed a deeply troubling, increasingly extreme militarization of police organizations around the country. That's all undeniably true.

However, it is also true that Brown, disadvantaged though he was, clearly was a guy with issues. The way he shoved and used his size to intimidate that store clerk...that's just not acceptable behavior. Period. I don't care what kind of hard knocks you've been through. And it's hard to believe this was his first time pulling stunts like that...he's so nonchalant about it.

What bothers me is that the media and a number of Brown's defenders on the ground (and plenty of Slog commenters) seem determined to gloss over Brown's behavior. Everybody is so desperate to paint this incident with their own bias. It's sad how many people are unable to understand basic moral relativism; that even though Brown was apparently a jerk who was prone to violence (or at least a thief who likes using his size to intimidate and threaten people), what the cops did was still criminal and reprehensible. Both those things can be true.

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