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Mar 23 schmacky commented on Another Republican Against Trumpcare: Washington State's Jaime Herrera Beutler.
Of course old people got more help...those people vote! But little kids? Eh, who gives a fuck.
Mar 23 schmacky commented on Republican Dave Reichert Has Already Voted for Trumpcare. Now He Says He's Undecided.
Honest question: What would more effectively produce a "no" vote...telling Reichert I'm opposed because the bill is a deeply immoral transfer of wealth to the rich at the deadly expense of millions? Or should I take the conservative line, which is that the bill fails to totally remove the mandate, and that the government should totally stay out of my health care business so I can die of my pre-existing condition in peace?
Mar 22 schmacky commented on Texas Teacher Smiles For Mugshot.
Smiling in a mugshot is good PR for politicians and/or accused sex criminals alike.
Mar 21 schmacky commented on I, Anonymous: Stop Hawking Your Loogies on the Sidewalk.
It truly is a disgusting phenomenon
Mar 20 schmacky commented on Food News: Hotel Monaco Presents Its New Outlier Restaurant, Belltown Brewing Now Open, and Yet Another Poke Venture.
It's not that tech people don't care about good food, it's that they just want something simple and quick for lunch. SLU isn't really a neighborhood, it's a corporate campus, and those tech workers go back to their actual neighborhood (Cap Hill, Ballard, Fremont, etc) to eat for real. How this obvious fact has escaped so many restauranteurs is beyond me.
Mar 15 schmacky commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Too Drunk To Swing.
Those of you who have experienced issues with pot: Have you tried experimenting with sativa versus indica? I mean I totally understand why you wouldn't really bother if your distaste is that acute. But there are major differences, in my experience, with their effects. In our wonderful world of legal weed, you can also walk into a store, tell them the issues you've had in the past, and they will often guide you intelligently and empathetically.
Mar 14 schmacky commented on The Morning News: Seattle Runner Fights Off Attacker at Golden Gardens, Texas State Representative Proposes Bill to Fine Men for Masturbating.
The asshole who gave an untrained non-adult a gun for "protection" should be held liable for his actions as well.
Mar 7 schmacky commented on I'm Going to My First Pop-Up Magazine on Thursday.
Tickets are not at all available
Mar 1 schmacky commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Ten: The War on Drugs.
WoD are indeed an awful life act. They put me and several thousand other people to sleep at CHBP a year or two back.