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Sep 21 schmacky commented on Don King Wants White Women to Vote For Donald Trump.
@2: That's the girl rate. The darkie rate is slightly higher, around 0.72...the relative PR value, you see.
Sep 20 schmacky commented on I Have Nothing to Add to This Skittles Nonsense, Except That Nazis Would Have Been So Good at Twitter.
Just so, so, down into the very marrow of idiocy. A half-second of rational thought is all that's required to dismiss the analogy entirely, but I guess that's a half-second too long for the Trump Train.
Sep 14 schmacky commented on Long Live the War on Cars: Regional Leaders Call for More Mass Transit as City Unveils Plans to Lower Speed Limits.
m.sam: You keep saying there must be something better...what might that be? What evidence do you have that the timeline for ST3 is unreasonable, given the scope of the project? What if this isn't a "punch in the teeth," but is actually a well-considered--but utterly massive--public works project that will take exactly as much time and money as described? How can you be sure this isn't already a great deal, given the scope?

I hate to say it, but your ongoing lack of specifics and hair-trigger defensiveness make it seem like you're just going off a "feeling" you have about it, and not actually thinking it through in the slightest.
Sep 13 schmacky commented on The U.S. News College Rankings Are Out: Washington Has Five of the Top 20 Universities in the West.
Wait, Western is behind SU, PLU, and fucking Whitworth? In SPOKANE? I guess they beat Central at least.
Sep 7 schmacky commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
When do we reach the point where the Bernie people are even dumber and/or more nihilistic than the Trump folks? Judging by this thread, that margin is narrowing along with Clinton's lead in the polls.

Hey geniuses, there is no fucking "gun to your head," there's just an imperfect world that will be made way, way more imperfect if Trump wins. Stop citing polls from late spring as if that means a single goddamn thing right now, stop talking about the DNC, and quit treating this like some group therapy session in which you and your feelings, or your yearnings, or your "conscience" or whatever faux-progressive bullshit you'd like to spout matters more than averting the horror of a Trump presidency.

Please! I'm begging you. Let's argue later. We can fix it after the election, I promise. Use your brain and do what you know has to be done in the here and now.
Sep 2 schmacky commented on After Cocks Not Glocks Protest, Pro-Gun Activist Makes Video Depicting Murder of College Student.
That's a pretty serious dong that gal's holding up
Sep 1 schmacky commented on Surprise! Trump Flip-Flops on Immigration in Arizona Speech.
I will never understand why anyone expects grief-stricken people to have sensible ideas, as their judgment is clearly (and understandably) compromised. The prism of grief distorts the world to a place that has only a tangential relationship to rational thought.
Aug 30 schmacky commented on Fuck You, Pedestrians.
Photographing this guy like you did is so insanely passive-aggressive, it's like you live in Seattle or something.