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7:41 PM yesterday schmacky commented on White House Releases Live-Action Trailer for President Obama's Announcement Tomorrow.
"more better"? Gotta edit out such grammatical atrocities in a recorded statement.
Nov 18 schmacky commented on Why Am I So Intolerant of the Duggars?.
@23: That question only has relevance for assholes like you who refer to homosexuality as a "disorder."

And not that it matters, but:…
Nov 17 schmacky commented on The Morning News: Wallingford Homeowner Tackles Intruder, Holds Him Down Until Cops Arrive.
@4: People who work at the Stranger only know of faraway places like Wallingford in a theoretical, it's-someplace-up-north kind of way.
Nov 12 schmacky commented on The Morning News: A Port of Seattle Slowdown for the Holidays?.
That ServiceMaster bullshit makes me sick.
Nov 12 schmacky commented on If You Didn't Vote, Why?.
What @13 and @36 said, but I think there's also this: After pot and gay marriage, which both felt like huge, important "wave" issues, it's been harder to get excited about shit like Metro funding and class sizes for pre-schools. I think there's a little burnout after a series of You Must Fucking Vote elections. I mean, I know they're all supposed to be YMFV elections, but the fact is some people end up subtly prioritizing, and for whatever reason, for many, this one got deprioritzed.
Nov 6 schmacky commented on The New and Improved Cinerama Opens on November 20.
I think there will be booze, no?
Oct 15 schmacky commented on Breaking News: Not All Cops Are Lying Scumbags Who Can't Wait to Fatally Shoot Unarmed Civilians.
Am I the only one who detects a faint whiff of sulfur while reading this? There's a suspicious level of detail involved from the pen of this supposed police chief, who evidently gleaned specifics like "the mother cried as you delivered her groceries" from a "police department employee's family member" he ran into whilst...what, perusing diapers and such at the local grocery concern?

I'm not saying it didn't happen, but I also wouldn't be surprised if this letter materialized on Snopes within a month or two.
Sep 29 schmacky commented on Youth Pastor Watch: Strong Connections.
@1: Some impressive hyphenating there!
Sep 27 schmacky commented on SL Letter of the Day: Too Much Work.
@5: They have only been married five months... Unlikely a court would award maintenance (that's what they call alimony in Wash state). But the longer she waits, the more screwed she'll be.

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