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care bear is not in Seattle anymore.
Nov 23 care bear commented on How to Have the Worst Thanksgiving Ever (On Purpose).
Joe's is great. If you want a truly depressing Thanksgiving, go to a bar that's just mediocre. I think that would be worse.
Oct 14 care bear commented on Matt Hickey Arrested on Rape Charges in Las Vegas.
I'm kind of surprised Forbes hasn't at least taken down his author page. It makes it look like he still works for them. But maybe they're okay with having rapists on staff.
Oct 12 care bear commented on I'd Rather Jump Out the Window Than Celebrate 25 Years of The Stranger with This Issue.
And so you've completed the transition into Andy Rooney. I wish you a sky full of clouds to yell at.
Sep 9 care bear commented on Spike Friedman Answers Your Burning Seahawks Questions Before the Season.
Definitely Russell Wilson. How could you even let Richard Sherman get that far in an "Ugh, he's the worst" contest??
Aug 18 care bear commented on My Complicated Love/Hate (But Mostly Love) Relationship With Gawker.
On the one hand, I think Nick Denton is totally getting what he deserves, but on the other hand, I'm not going to have anything to do at work anymore.
Jul 26 care bear commented on DNC Photo Dispatch: Check Out Nate Gowdy's Amazing Photos of Sarah Silverman, Michelle Obama, and Bernie and Hillary Fans.
You could probably stand to tone down the post processing a bit.
May 2 care bear commented on After Eight Years of Music, Cairo Is Closing Its Doors.
It took me like 4 years to figure out where it even was. And then once I figured it out I never even went there. Sorry, Cairo.
Mar 17 care bear commented on Morning News: Obama Selects a Judge to Replace Dead Scalia, and Something to Remember on Saint Patrick's Day.
Except Alaska's not broke, because we have $55b in the Permanent Fund and another $10b in the Constitutional Budget Reserve. This state is going to hell in a handbasket and I can't wait to GTFO.
Nov 2, 2015 care bear commented on Reminder: There are Ways to Vote in King County Without Paying for a Stamp.
So, you're relying on a King County Elections official to tell you about something that is really determined by the Post Office? That doesn't seem like a good idea.

Also, go buy some fucking stamps at the grocery store and quit whining.
Oct 26, 2015 care bear commented on The One Guy Who Can Fix Politics Is the One Guy Democrats Won't Let You Hear About.
These plans sure do sound like they'd get real far in Congress!