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Jul 30 T commented on Why I'm Done with the Democrats: The Blood Is Too Much.
You're going to stop voting? I'm going to stop reading your political pieces. If you can't be bothered to be part of the process, then you're part of the problem and I can't be bothered to give a shit about what you have to say.
Jul 24 T commented on No, No, NO: Seattle's Hurricane Cafe Is Closing.
We're on the fast track to becoming the new Bellevue.
Jul 21 T commented on Which Was Your Favorite New Weird Al Video?.
I didn't realize these were all different videos and songs. I thought he was just in the news a lot last week. Whatever.
Jul 21 T commented on The New Weezer Song Goes "Back to the Shack," Whatever That Means.
Couldn't even make it a minute in. Why do people still pay attention to this band?
Jun 28 T commented on Bartender Crush: Thomas at Via Tribunali.
That's Sir Thomas to you!
Jun 24 T commented on What Is the MOST You've Paid for a Record?.
I've dropped $50-60 on a single album a few times, but that's my cutoff. I don't see myself ever getting such an itch for something that I'd spend more than that.
Jun 23 T commented on Seattle Is Growing Fast but Not Growing Up.
@11 "However, Portland and (more so) Vancouver have demonstrated that they are in tune with the 21st century understanding that density is deeply incompatible with cars."

How the hell can you read that sentence and think for one second it's about Vancouver, WA? Are they really some bastion of density and transit? I'm with you on the Vancouver/Vancouver annoyance, but look at the context here. This is one of those times where it was absolutely clear to me which Vancouver was being talked about.
May 29 T commented on I, Anonymous.
Yeah, IA makes no indication of whether or not the bride actually shows up to any of these get-togethers. Your friendship apparently means more to you than her. Cut your losses and move on.

That said, asking people who aren't invited for donations is incredibly tacky. Donate a rusty pitchfork anyway.
May 29 T commented on Dear Seattle: Stay Home This Morning, Seriously.
I moved all of 10 blocks in 30 minutes down Roosevelt this morning before I said fuck it and went back to bed.
May 21 T commented on Funhouse Documentary Razing the Bar Premiering Tonight at SIFF Uptown.
I only went to the Funhouse during it's last couple years, but I loved the place. Really excited to see this!

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