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5:30 PM yesterday RonK, Seattle commented on TMR: A Couple of Neighborhood Notes.
Dan does his part to uphold the passive-aggressive traditions of this great metropolis.
4:59 PM yesterday RonK, Seattle commented on What If the City Allowed Homeless Encampments in Residential Neighborhoods?.
@4, @14 -- OF course property taxes would drop correspondingly if property values dropped. That's automatic.
Nov 21 RonK, Seattle commented on Can We Maybe Start Talking Seriously About Atheism Again Now?.
@93 -- Now you're dodging, ducking, and bluffing.

You completely misstate Diamond (and a host of related scholarship). You completely ignore the dominant role of nonreligious belief systems in the kind of atrocities that make religion a "threat" to civilization. And you dispense entirely with the common and scholarly meanings of "civilization", along with the entire past.

Your argument -- if it can even be called "argument" -- lands in the ashcan along with the pratings of those who insist government is the bane of civilization, and others who insist the world's gonna end tomorrow anyway.
Nov 21 RonK, Seattle commented on Can We Maybe Start Talking Seriously About Atheism Again Now?.
@91 -- Perfectly true ... unless facts matter.

Civilization and religion co-evolved. (See the closing chapters of Jared Diamond's World Before Yesterday for an accessible read. Civilization -- including the legitimacy of taxation and other standards of conduct beyond simple taboos -- was BUILT on organized religion.

Secular states are a recent innovation. And as noted above, the most dogmatically secular states in history exterminated more innocents than every other actor in history put together, and this within living memory of your elders.

The most recent major genocide (Rwanda) was nonreligious. The one before that? Pol Pot regime was dogmatically antireligious.

And Venomlash is correct on the essential facts. Of some 1,000 genocides in written and accessible proto-literate history, the most consistent common preface is the identification by influential voices of an out-group as a threat to "our way of life". Bloodletting comes later.

Ignore all this, and you are not pitching Reason. You are pitching Bigotry.

FWIW, I'm a nonbeliever ... but one who recognizes no truer mystic than the committed atheist.
Nov 18 RonK, Seattle commented on Can We Maybe Start Talking Seriously About Atheism Again Now?.
If fair Reason were here, she'd probably want to know how certain claims stack up against available Evidence.

In the bloody 20th century, dogmatically atheist ideologies accounted for more slaughter of innocents than all other causes put together ... where "all other causes" included ethnocultural turf battles, partisan and factional turf battles, colonial actions, wars of national liberation, ordinary revolutions (progessive or otherwise) and counterrevolutions, commercial turf battles (over narcotics, fossil fuels, timber, and other resources/opportunities), fringe/fantasist ideologies, personality cults, and individual grudges.
( see… )

Some leading actors in the less bloody 21st century (so far) have expressed religious motivations ... but not to an extent that would allow a reasonable person to conclude religion itself is THE problem, even in this 15-year window.
Nov 18 RonK, Seattle commented on My Philosophy.
The reference in How High (circa 1995) is not to US bombing anybody, but to everybody bombing everybody in the multi-factional Lebanese civil war which ended a few years earlier.

One source tallies 3,461 car bomb detonations in this conflict. Please make a note of it.
Nov 18 RonK, Seattle commented on Another Oil Giant Cancels Its Arctic Drilling Plans.
Another win for polar bears???????????????????

These moves are being made because the world is awash in fossil fuels. That's a win for global warming, and a dead loss for polar bears.
Nov 18 RonK, Seattle commented on Can We Maybe Start Talking Seriously About Atheism Again Now?.
This post exemplifies not reason, but xenophobic ideation ...which is, after all, the quintessential mark of human nature.
Nov 17 RonK, Seattle commented on Why Putting the French Flag on the Space Needle Is Racist.
RDM @90 -- You raise a good point, except for one inconvenient fact: 90% of St Petersburg is black.

And for that matter, 90% of Haiti is white.
Nov 13 RonK, Seattle commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Eighteen-Year-Old Takes Out the Garbage (Truck).
Hey, that kid looks just like like the poor victim in a lot of these case! The cycle of evil never ends ...