RonK, Seattle
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Sep 20 RonK, Seattle commented on I Have Nothing to Add to This Skittles Nonsense, Except That Nazis Would Have Been So Good at Twitter.
Marshawn would eat 'em, digest the toxins, and shit rainbows!
Sep 12 RonK, Seattle commented on Seahawks Protest Made Toothless By Need For Consensus.
... except that by all other accounts, Baldwin's efforts are not an individual effort, nor are they a one-time thing.
Sep 9 RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News: No Charges for Pasco Police Who Killed Farmworker, Seahawks Planning "Show of Unity".
Wait, what???

"justice and equality for all Americans, regardless of skin color" is NOT what Kaepernick, BLM, and many others are fighting for???

And active, involved, outspoken members of the team have somehow been gulled into demonstrating for the wrong thing, and everybody is going along with it???

This Herz, this really Herz.
Sep 8 RonK, Seattle commented on Aaaaaand What Is Aleppo?.
In Johnson's defense, he was probably really stoned.
Sep 7 RonK, Seattle commented on EOD: Would You Move to Humptulips? What About Bacon? We Could Move to Bacon.
Years ago I saw a directional road sign for Dead Swede, Wyoming.
Aug 26 RonK, Seattle commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Shoplifter Gets Caught, Provides Cheesy Answer.
I thought they took all the pseudoephedrine products off the shelves years ago, and replaced them with pseudo-pseudoephedrine products. If those women are out there cooking with the wrong ingredients, they're gonna be EXTREMELY cheesed off.
Aug 12 RonK, Seattle commented on EOD: Why Millennials Love Hillary Clinton*.
Herz will still be writing this stuff 4 years from now ... 8 years from now ... he'll still be writing this stuff when he's in assisted living, while the robots who change his diapers laugh at him behind his back..

Most people learn and grow. A few just burrow in and hunker down.
Aug 7 RonK, Seattle commented on Primary Dropout Tony Ventrella’s Candidacy Is Jeopardizing Dems' Chance of Reclaiming a Seat in Congress.
p.s. If Tony won 17.5%of statewide votes, he won 170% of votes in the 8th CD where he's (no longer) running.
Jul 29 RonK, Seattle commented on Palestinian Human Rights Sign Yanked Out of Washington Delegate's Hand: "This Is Almost Like Racism".
@14 -- Yes, @9's claims are recycled repudiated BS, but they are zombie recycled repudiated BS.