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Feb 20 RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News:Trump and Fox Falsely Claim Crime Rate in Sweden Is Rising Because of Immigrants| Zimbabwe's Dictator Actually Loves Our President.
@4 -- In addition, the (KIRO) story directly contradicts more than one of Mudede's editorial asides.

Please don't let Charles do the Morning News. Please.
Feb 10 RonK, Seattle commented on New National Poll Says Americans are Just About Ready to Impeach Trump.
Sadly, Americans can't impeach Trump.

Only Congressional Republicans can do that. And they will, eventually, though to get there we may have to romance a bunch of people we don't really like.

And then we get right-wing talk radio host Mike Pence for POTUS - like waking up and finding out Rush Limbaugh is President.
Feb 5 RonK, Seattle commented on Kellyanne Conway is an Idiot But We Will Always Have the Bowling Green Massacre.
Misspoke? She misled ... or if you prefer, mislied.
Feb 3 RonK, Seattle commented on UPDATED: Federal Judge in Seattle Grants Nationwide Temporary Restraining Order Against Travel Ban.
Props to AG Ferguson and Judge Robart for putting POTUS "ON NOTICE".
Feb 3 RonK, Seattle commented on No, You Dumb Morons at Breitbart, Russell Wilson Did Not Imply Trump Is Going to Be Assassinated.
Did he imply that? Sure he did, along with a bunch of other sorry ends to the Trump presidency, and sorry beginnings of the Pence presidency.

Trump might get bored and quit. He might leave under pressure. He might fold, ail and die or become disabled. He might get impeached for high crimes. He might get impeached for the crime of dangerously bad statecraft ... or the political crime of embarrassing Congressional Republicans. Likewise the 25th Amendment possibilities. Or he might get assassinated.

It's all the same bag of contingencies "that means that something went wrong", and it's silly to pretend Russ wasn't talking about the whole bag.
Dec 20, 2016 RonK, Seattle commented on Fact Check: How Many Kids Are Being Held at the Juvenile Detention Center?.
Too bad the thread has already turned to shit, but ...

This post seems to be a conspicuous example of actual journalism. Good work!
Dec 17, 2016 RonK, Seattle commented on The Eternal Stupidity of the Trump Christmas.
Happy Solstice, everyone.

And beyond that,the less said the more better.
Dec 12, 2016 RonK, Seattle commented on County Council Appoints Rebecca SaldaƱa to State Senate.
And this, in brief, is why Donald Trump is President-Elect.
Dec 5, 2016 RonK, Seattle commented on Fake Facebook News Could Have Caused a Mass Shooting.
JonnoN @ 12 -- Very good!

Indeed "Love it or leave it" is an irresistably powerfully closing point in any reasoned argument ... but why the hurry to get there, denying your audience the entertainment of so many intermediate points and counterpoints?

Of course all these points are destined to end up in the bonfire of irrelevancies when one disputant or the other lobs this Ace of Trumps clincher ...but why spoil the fun?

Were you afraid Ward @8 was going to use it first???