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in the past few hours RonK, Seattle commented on The Democratic Convention Is Awash in Corporate Cash.
Boy oboy this Herz.

Beinert's reading of the Muslim quote was uncharacteristically wack, as others have noted.

Big things cost big bucks, and not just this party this year.

And self-quoting to burnish your reputation as a prophet of doom? Believe me, your reputation precedes you.
Jul 25 RonK, Seattle commented on Bernie Sanders: "Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States!".
I didn't hear a great speech, and 2/3 of the folks I watched with nearly fell asleep ... a letdown after several outstanding performances.

Throughout the day, I DID hear a handful of pasty whites neophytes heckle and boo a long line of life-long black life-long laborers in the vineyards of progress in their rare moments in the spotlight.

That did not sit well with me, not at all.
Jul 25 RonK, Seattle commented on Kshama Sawant Shows Up at the DNC to Tell Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote for Jill Stein.
@11 -- That's just more of your Dolchstosslegende Lite .. as expected.

Factions on the Right work together for power and influence despite sharp factional conflicts. In power, they "betray" each other because there's no alternative -- they have so many conflicting goals and motives -- and they're OK with that because they work together to achieve the achievable and settle for that.
Jul 25 RonK, Seattle commented on Kshama Sawant Shows Up at the DNC to Tell Bernie Sanders Supporters to Vote for Jill Stein.
Isn't it ironic (don't you think) that the Right -- which largely denies value, or even the existence, of social capital, social goods, social contracts, even Society itself -- is vastly more capable of strategically-cooperative collective action, while the Left eats its own and shits on its friends?

For decade after decade the Right successfully, incrementally, strategically buried its divisions and chipped away at New Deal and Great Society progressive legacies, leaving the Left swimming against the current in every pool, park, lake, stream and river.
Jul 23 RonK, Seattle commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
Hmm. Social gospel? Check.
Civil rights lawyer? Check.
Swing state mayor, governor, senator? Check.
NRA "F" rating? Check.
Spanish fluent? Check.
Black church choir member? Check.
8-0 winning election record? Check.
Midwest roots? Check.
Age 58? Check.
"Relatable" campaigner? Check

Yeah, what a horrible pick.
Jul 19 RonK, Seattle commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
Morally consequential voting is a skill, it's an almost incomprehensibly difficult skill, and those who don't see the skill in it have not begun to climb the learning curve.

Except in badly-written fiction, EVERY choice is a choice among lesser and greater evils. Choose the lesser - to the best of your ability - or kindly STFU.
Jul 13 RonK, Seattle commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the August 2016 Primary Election!.
A vote for Tony Ventrella is a vote to give Dave Reichert a free pass in the top-two final ... in a year when Trump may lead the US House GOP off a cliff, and otherwise invulnerable incumbents may go down to shocking defeats.

SECB played this one purely for yuks, and shame on them.
Jul 13 RonK, Seattle commented on Seattle Police Guild President Resigns After Offensive Facebook Post.
Next up: NAPO Exec Dir William Johnson, who labeled Obama the Neville Chamberlain of the war on cops.
Jul 10 RonK, Seattle commented on Morning News: Black Man Hunting Season Opened This Week, Median Home Value in Seattle Now $666,000.
Mudede's ejaculation of Corbyn triumphalism seems premature. See the beeb.

Corbyn faces apparent difficulty recruiting 51 MP's to meet the usual 20% threshold to place his name on the Labour Party leadership ballot.

At the same time, there is apparent conflict in Labour Party rules as to whether this condition necessarily applies to a challenged Party leader.