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in the past few hours RonK, Seattle commented on Why Flying into the Alps Is Like Flying into the World Trade Center.
The tightest connection to 9/11 is that the retrofit that enabled the copilot to keep the pilot locked out of the cockpit wouldn't have existed otherwise.
9:58 AM RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News: UW Has No Plans to Raise Wages on April 1, Mayor Defends Fish Truck in the Middle of the Road.
@3 - So what you're saying is we should do this more often? I suspect you'll get your wish.
10:51 AM yesterday RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News: Protesters Pack the Port and Win Concessions on Shell Deal, Police Arrest Donut Shop Robbery Suspect.
And nobody ever got to the key question in the Salmon Truck incident: Fresh? Or frozen?
Mar 23 RonK, Seattle commented on What Is "Clickbait"?.
Is it time to start a pool on the last day of Slog?

And where will the winner win recognition?
Mar 11 RonK, Seattle commented on Watch Hillary Clinton Lecture Us on the Importance of E-mail Privacy—Ha-ha-ha.
The incomparable Bob Somerby nails it in his review of theatre criticism masquerading as political analysis.…
Nothing new under the sun,
Mar 10 RonK, Seattle commented on Ferguson Is the Point Where Budget Cuts, Car Dependency, and the US's Racial History Collided.
Wait - the real villain in Ferguson was the American automobile?

Somehow I missed that in previous coverage ... and in this post.
Mar 6 RonK, Seattle commented on How Jean Godden and Tim Burgess Misled the City Council to Win a Vote Against Homeless Encampments.
@2 -- And as I understand it, Sawant's amendment would have failed 2-2 if Godden had never showed up.

Lately, reading Slog spoils my appetite for outrage.
Feb 25 RonK, Seattle commented on Coming Soon: Space-Based Reality Snuff TV!.
Send Kardashians. All of 'em.
Feb 19 RonK, Seattle commented on Jean Godden Pulls Out of Event on Homeless Encampments, Then Reverses Decision Under Pressure.
Way to go team! I don't know about YOU, but personal attacks grounded in baseless suppositions always make ME immensely more receptive.
Feb 12 RonK, Seattle commented on The Morning News: We Have a Redesigned Website, and Commenters Have Feelings About It!.
I see what appears to be a large print version - for Slog's aging demographic!?!

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