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Sep 24 genevieve commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Your Trip Advisor.
@8 I was confused about that too, but re-reading the letter it's not totally clear (plus, if it was just a weekend, would LW have said it was a weekend getaway?). Regardless, I think the scenario Dan puts forth is possible even if it's just a couple days, and the LW would likely be more likely to eat the cost/forgo the trip if it was just a weekend.

Dan gets it totally right here. LW needs to do it right away, and bow out of the trip.
Sep 23 genevieve commented on Clark Humphrey, Author of Loser, Explains How His Local Rock History Book Just Got Bigger.
@1 - exactly. That's just embarrassing.

Come on, Rich. I know you're new(ish) here, but it's not like 7 Year Bitch was some obscure unsigned act that never got any coverage.
Sep 21 genevieve commented on View-Obsessed West Seattle Homeowners Who Illegally Cut Trees Sued for $1.6M.
I like DOUG.'s idea. I don't think jail time is appropriate - but I would also go ahead and put a big old view-obstructing wall on the properties (that the owners have to pay to construct).

And if the arborist companies have any responsibility for checking that appropriate permits are in place, they should face some sort of fines as well (although far lesser).
Sep 19 genevieve commented on The Morning News: Seattle Athletes of all Ages Protest the National Anthem, City Council to Vote on Improving Lives of Hourly Workers.
No shit more than millenials are using AirBnB - but suddenly that means looking at the 60-90 demographic? Gen X gets no love, even from a Gen X paper, sob......
Sep 7 genevieve commented on Today in Stupid: Video Shows Assholes Destroying Instagram's Favorite Oregon Rock.
@8 that last Instagram is a parody account. The one right above it, however, is a perfect example of a social media "brand" that takes itself way too seriously. And there's a glorious fight going on in the comments, as the IG commentariat either condemns or defends the idiotic statement of Laura Whatsername condemning those who didn't stop the vandals while basking in her own recklessness on the rock.
Aug 17 genevieve commented on Local Chefs Say That They Are Getting Booted From Their Commissary Kitchen Because Of Amazon.
If they have to be out by "September 31", they're in luck, because that day will never come.
Aug 17 genevieve commented on $6 Pho, Meet Your Expat Buddy, the $15 Singapore Sling.
Johnson seems to be taking the "the best defense is a strong offense" approach to this place. Doesn't really change that he and Hammond are doing what westerners do - take something "exotic" (to them), spending a lot to pretty it up, and pricing it way higher than any restaurants owned and operated by people within that very culture. As a bonus, he gets in a good dig about why no one should eat at Asian restaurants offering $6 pho.

Well done, white savior!
Aug 12 genevieve commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Swinging Double Standards.
The LW sounds like what is really bugging her is the presence of single women, not the absence of single men - but to frame it as a question about equality for the menz comes across as less insecure or less potentially jealous. Perhaps she's concerned that she'll be stuck with the choice of either pretending to be into a girl-on-girl scene, or watching her BF with some chick while she has nothing (no one) to do.

LW sounds very GGG, but maybe should spend a little more time identifying what she's comfortable with and being honest with herself and the boyfriend about her boundaries.
Aug 8 genevieve commented on City Council Expected to Expand Housing Discrimination Protections, Ban Move-In Deals for Tech Workers.
I agree that the First in Time provision - especially with its exception to promote ("further") fair housing - is problematic, despite its good intentions. Everything else about this seems quite reasonable. I'm especially glad that move-in deals for employees of certain corporations will be banned.

Aug 3 genevieve commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Back To the Dorms.
The GF is young enough to be living in dorms, and flaked on the dorm deadline. It could be because she assumed the relationship was going well, could be because she was trying to take advantage of LW - or it could be that she's (presumably) in her early 20s, hasn't been made to be an independent adult and didn't think she needed to be on top of this. Young adults of college age aren't exactly known for being super duper responsible. I mean, did she and the LW have an agreement about seeing how it was going halfway through the summer? Was there any reason she would believe the intention was to not return to the dorms at all?

The relationship sounds like it's run its course no matter what - the issue isn't how to get her to move out, it's how to break up with her. But LW might want to reflect on what made him offer free rent to someone he'd only been dating a few months, and why someone in his early 30s with his shit together would be interested in an immature college student.