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Apr 20 genevieve commented on I, Anonymous.
I've only had good experiences with Uber drivers. I've also had only a handful of problems with Seattle cab drivers - and those were all 20 years ago.

I've never had a cab driver who spoke no english.

Most of the Uber drivers I've ridden with are former cab drivers. Everyone uses GPS now, regardless of who they are driving for.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Uber's advantage is the phone app/method of payment. And it never occurred to me to tip an Uber driver because that is part of the deal with Uber - I thought one of their big things was that Uber it's not a tipped economy.
Mar 19 genevieve commented on Mayor Murray Announces Members of a New Task Force on LGBTQ Hate Crimes.
Thank goodness we've got Amazon representation on this task force! [/sarcasm]
Mar 5 genevieve commented on Bought and Paid For—Is ACT's Seven Ways to Get There the New Model for Arts Patronage?.

On the one hand, getting people with money to participate in, and appreciate, art should be a good thing. A local non-profit got a risk-free production, people got paid, new butts were in seats.

But I have to agree with COMTE - this is a vanity project, straight up. Clark seems like a decent businessman, but the corporate leadership model of arts patronage being displayed here is appalling. It's just this product, that apparently any yahoo with a tale to tell (and serious $$$) can get on a main stage, and fill to capacity through power and influence. I'd have more respect for the man (and the theater) if Clark had found a play or an artist working on something close to his heart, gave them the same deal, including packing the seats. It still wouldn't guarantee quality of the art, but it wouldn't feel so.....icky. I'm dismayed that the incoming Artistic Director of ACT is involved in the production - it somewhat undermines the credibility of the organization to be honest.
Feb 25 genevieve commented on Shitty People In Shitty Places Working to Make Shitty Places Shittier.
WTF? Constant is gone? How did I miss that? He's been one of the best parts of The Stranger in the last several years.
Feb 17 genevieve commented on New Chop Suey Owners Face Pressure to Change Venue Name.
I was hoping the new owners would rebrand the venue, as I always thought it was unnecessarily right on the line of being offensive - but are they really facing pressure? Panda's efforts don't seem to have picked up much steam. The community response seems to have been, overwhelmingly, "chill out/who cares/I have no problem with it so there is no problem", which is pretty disappointing.
Feb 13 genevieve commented on Theater Artist (and Former Stranger Performance Editor) Bret Fetzer Attacked Last Night at 11th & Pine.
Bret Fetzer is a goddamned national treasure. I'm horrified this happened and hope he makes a speedy recovery.

Even though I am generally quite aware of my surroundings, I know I've gotten lazy about checking my phone on the street - particularly for bus times. This is a good reminder to stay more alert when I'm out.

This seems to have little in common with the newly-typical issues with douchebros and muggers. Instead of wondering where the cops were, a good question would be - when we as a community see someone ranting and raving, do we make any effort to get help BEFORE that person becomes violent? Do we walk the 1 block to the precinct to ask officers to check this guy out? I don't, I keep walking and am glad that I get home without any problems. SPD foot patrols would definitely help, but a bigger sense of community would also help, as there is no guarantee that a foot patrol would have been in the right place and the right time to prevent this. This incident makes me realize that the next time I pass by some unpredictable lunatic, it's not only my skin at risk.
Jan 22 genevieve commented on SL Letter of the Day: Cheater and Cheated.
Another choice: she's two months pregnant. She doesn't have to have a third child with this shitheel. Agree about the time machine and hopefully she is happy to have her kids in her life regardless of their paternal DNA, but in this situation, she may want to think very hard about having this new baby.

And this is a sure fire DTMFA.
Jan 22 genevieve commented on Why Is an HBO Doc About Kurt Cobain the Only Seattle-Related Film that at Sundance 2015?.
Why does seemingly no one know how to spell Frances (the female version of Francis)?
Jan 6 genevieve commented on Why the Seattle Woman Who Wants to End Mass Incarceration Is Defending Pot Prosecutions.
The MMJ industry is largely a sham. I feel sorry for those few with a real MMJ need, as their dispensaries are overrun with idiots just looking to score (which is now totally unnecessary).

How is other prescription abuse (of controlled substances) handled from a legal standpoint? Wouldn't this logically be handled the same way?

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