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Sep 17, 2009 genevieve reviewed Barrio.
Finally went there last week after walking past it every day for months. Had a very perky server who thought everything was *amazing*! Enjoyed my meal, but couldn't remember what I'd ordered the next day (looked on the menu and it was the enchilada). Thought it was a bit small for the price. The cocktail I had was amazingly good. It's not often I'll splurge on a $9 drink but this was worth it.

The walls of candles are amazing, but in general the atmosphere has a surprisingly frat vibe. Had no problem getting into the restaurant, but getting out through those annoying doors was another story - I feel bad for the hostess, who must have to open that door for people all damned night.

I didn't hate it but there are way better options on the Hill and I don't know that I'll ever go back.