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Apr 3 genevieve commented on Entertainment Weekly Circles the Drain.
I've had a subscription to Entertainment Weekly, on and off, for about 15 years. Total guilty pleasure, I admit it! I recently let me subscription lapse through sheer laziness, and was trying to decide if I should renew. Looks like I won't have to bother - I knew Jess Kagle had left the magazine, but not that some SI dude was brought in, and certainly not that the EW model is moving to the HuffPo system of "community" writers. No thanks.

Apr 3 genevieve commented on Jagermeister Becomes Symbol of Gentrification and Gay-Bashing on "Cap Hill".
I'm guessing the ad execs couldn't decide whether it was supposed to be Capitol or Capital, so they went with something that would be right no matter what.

Actually, more of the residents of Capitol Hill who can't be bothered to learn which it is should adopt that shorthand.
Apr 2 genevieve commented on Piecora's Pizza to Close Forever on April 15.
unending sadness.
Mar 24 genevieve commented on Mayor Murray Replaces His Press Secretary.
Murray's got challenges far deeper than this press secretary, and this move may be fancy window dressing - OTOH two significant (and publicly embarrassing) mistakes in the first month of employment are reason enough to move someone out of a public-facing position.

Sounds like Brazel will still be working on communications, she just won't be responsible for contacting external stakeholders. Sounds like a good choice.
Mar 19 genevieve commented on Boy Pussy Gets It's Anthem.
(and eptified beat me to it)
Mar 19 genevieve commented on Boy Pussy Gets It's Anthem.
Its. not it's.

thank you.
Mar 18 genevieve commented on The "Bad Seattle Fashion" Tumblr.
Looks like this person hasn't posted since January and it was a half hearted effort at best anyway. I'm guessing that this Slog post has provided more clicks to this tumblr today than it had gotten in the entire rest of its sucky little life.

Mar 17 genevieve commented on Tales from Behind the Espresso Machine.
Isn't this article about 20 years late? Or, I guess, a decade, as @13 points out.
Mar 12 genevieve commented on Up for Debate in the $15 Minimum Wage Conversation.
Are workers really "conceding" in this discussion if the net impact is still a significant gain over the current minimum wage? Honest question - as I always thought that the real strategy behind demanding a $15/hr minimum wage was to start the discussion and hopefully end up with $12-13/hr as a starting point. This would still be a huge gain for minimum wage workers.

As for tipped positions, I think servers in restaurants will probably see tips shrink somewhat but not disappear, but in places where there is a tip jar on the counter and no real table service, I would expect tips to all but disappear after a huge wage jump. That might be an even swap or even a gain to the employee, but I doubt most cafes include tips in their W-2s, so there is some downside to that from a tax standpoint.

While I would support a "total compensation" approach that included tips in determining wage, it's ridiculous to include healthcare or other benefits in the calculation. Do other industries get to back retirement out of their minimum wage calculations?
Mar 11 genevieve commented on We Might Not Agree About E-Cigarettes, but Can We All Agree That "Vaping" Is a Terrible Word?.
everything about using a e-cigarettes screams out Pretentious Douchebag. As such, the verb 'to vape' fits perfectly and should not be allowed to change.

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