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3:01 PM yesterday genevieve commented on You Should Go to a Seattle Storm Game, Cheer for Ramu Tokashiki, and Eat Awesome Nachos.
I've been to Storm games this summer and WTF has happened to the concessions at Key Arena?!? There used to be a decent selection but the various vendors this season are atrocious. I can't believe anyone would write an article about the Storm and recommend the fucking food at the key. SMH
Jul 1 genevieve commented on After Developer Gets $3 Million Break on Housing Fee, Mike O'Brien Calls for Audit of City Planning Department.
If existing affordable housing is being eliminated, the rules should be stricter and costs to developers should be much higher than if they are building on something that didn't already have affordable housing. It's nice to have designated units in new buildings, and money to go to non-profit housing developers - but that doesn't help the people being displaced by the elimination of affordable housing-designated units, and we should be adding many more units of affordable housing, not trading units in older buildings for units in newer ones.

But good for Mike O'Brien for pushing for this. I wonder how many other developers have gotten away with this in the last 5 years.
Jun 23 genevieve commented on An Impassioned Plea to Save a Threatened Building View.
@16 - you do know The Stranger stayed on Capitol Hill for 20+ years, yes?
Jun 18 genevieve commented on Council Committee Passes Land Use Bill that Is Literally Making People Cry.
This article was so slanted it reads like a Fox News report.

I love how anyone wanting to stall the insane development in residential areas is considered an elitist who wants to keep Capitol Hill only for the rich - even though a lot of what's being demolished has been affordable and what's replacing it is always more expensive.
Jun 16 genevieve commented on Update: The Property Manager Who Booted Edge of the Circle Books Says Decision was "Tough".
Good interview. OT, but I am digging the addition of Rich Smith.

here's my question: are people who are outraged by the ouster of Edge of the Circle willing to boycott whatever goes in there, in order to defeat the property manager's goal of "creating more foot traffic"? What if it's a craft brewpub pot shop?

Jun 15 genevieve commented on A Friendly Reminder That Dogs Are Not People and Bringing Them to the Grocery Store Is Disgusting and Repulsive.
No one should bring their dog into a grocery store - there are frequently food displays that go all the way to the store, and I have yet to see a dog owner in a grocery store that was paying one iota of attention to their dog - but when it comes to cafes, bars, restaurants, let the owners decide what they want to do, and then let the market decide.
Jun 11 genevieve commented on Edge of the Circle Books Is Searching for a New Space After Getting the Boot.
Let's see, what else is part of that block/building? Are Stitches and Babeland part of the same building? Cause if someone's going to boot the wiccans, I don't trust them to leave the knitters and horny lesbians (and friends) alone.

May 8 genevieve commented on Staff Shuffle at Seattle Repertory Theatre: Seven Jobs Eliminated (To Be Replaced by Three or Four New Ones).
It's difficult to see any jobs in the arts eliminated. But isn't Seattle Rep the last of the big three in town to not undergo a severe (to the point of potential dissolution), public financial crisis in the last 20 years? If this helps prevent the Rep from getting to the brink of closure, and stay focused on the art, it's the right move.
Apr 20 genevieve commented on I, Anonymous.
I've only had good experiences with Uber drivers. I've also had only a handful of problems with Seattle cab drivers - and those were all 20 years ago.

I've never had a cab driver who spoke no english.

Most of the Uber drivers I've ridden with are former cab drivers. Everyone uses GPS now, regardless of who they are driving for.

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Uber's advantage is the phone app/method of payment. And it never occurred to me to tip an Uber driver because that is part of the deal with Uber - I thought one of their big things was that Uber it's not a tipped economy.

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