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Apr 10 Jaymz commented on I Thought We Had Plans.
Take back the stalls and walls - more thoughtful graffiti, please!
Mar 25 Jaymz commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: You've Got Hate Mail.
The path to justice is littered with obstacles like NAL and too many are formidable people in positions of power, but there is a momentum to truth that allows it to step over, around or on those who stand in the way - his misplaced anger and confusion won't stop justice, or truth. A sad, sad man indeed.
Mar 25 Jaymz commented on What Do Plastic Bags Want to Tell Their Makers?.
There also is a terrific short video called "The Majestic Plastic Bag - A Mockumentary" that is narrated by Jeremy Irons, where the bag also ends up in the plastic vortex. Here is a link if SLOG will let me do it:
Feb 17 Jaymz commented on New Chop Suey Owners Face Pressure to Change Venue Name.
I really like the idea @12 and would change the last three letters so it's The Chop Shop - just because I like saying it: Chop Shop, Chop Shop, Chop Shop, Chop Shop - just can't STOP!

But would keep the same decor, also just because.....
Feb 16 Jaymz commented on Judy Collins Has Done Everything (Except Busking).
Just read this article now, but I heard Send In the Clowns at a memorial service on Bainbridge Island yesterday.... funny how those coincidences seem to pile up.
Feb 13 Jaymz commented on R100: Dominatrix Sneak-Attacks Are Entertaining in Goofy Japanese Film.
Thanks, Paul - just reading the concept has made my day, and my imagination is likely to be much better than the movie itself (i.e. - don't need to see it....)
Feb 12 Jaymz commented on Forty-Six Years Ago, a Different Kind of Gun-Rights Protest at the State Capitol.
I like the comment by TedG @5 - yep. As for "brandishing", I am concerned when we have to rely on subjective criteria, which is one of the reasons I favor bright line, more stringent gun safety measures.
Feb 10 Jaymz commented on The Varsity Theater Will Re-Open Friday Under New Management.
They do a very good job on Bainbridge Island, and were instrumental in saving the original Lynwood Theater next to Pleasant Beach - they actually care about film, and put on the Bainbridge Film Festival every year with quirky, local stuff no one else would ever show. A good addition to the University area.
Feb 9 Jaymz commented on MSNBC Reports on First Same-Sex Marriages in Ala-Fucking-Bama.
I'm with @8 - likely to need a SCUBA tank for all the breath holding I'm doing on this....
Feb 6 Jaymz commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Sword Walk.
P.S. to @17 - The Claymore mounted on my wall and engraved with my clan name is 55 inches long....

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