Aug 17 Jaymz commented on No. Do Not Do It. Do Not Put This in Your Mouth. No Matter What..
Admission - every so often I eat the Campbell's Chunky Chicken Corn Chowder with a squirt of sriracha sauce. Not bad; maybe it will preserve me from the inside....
Aug 11 Jaymz commented on Savage Love.
After 20 years of marriage, I suspect LW#1 gets turned on when he sees the wife get all dressed up to go out - so good advice to plan something specific for sex; maybe a dress up date at home.

As for LW#2 - he said 4 1/2 years ago he preferred monogamy; seems misguided to enter a relationship hoping he will reconsider at a later date. It may not have been wasted time for either of them, but seemed doomed from the start. Time to move on.

LW#3 - Yes, your clueless ecosexual should shower already, but a wet washcloth by the bed is good too...
Aug 2 Jaymz commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Men In Her Life.
Kids involved? Normally you would include that, so I assume not...
Apr 25 Jaymz commented on Obama Tone Policing Black Lives Matter.
There is content and there is delivery - either can distract from the other. It is a receptive balance of those two characteristics that creates true communication. In this case, it seems that the true audience is not the stated recipient, but those who can overhear on each side - "preaching to the choir".
Mar 16 Jaymz commented on The New UW Light Rail Station May Be Beautiful, But Is It Practical For Students?.
@18 - hey raindrop, just checked and my avatar is AWOL as well. I hope they are having a good time....
Feb 25 Jaymz commented on Yes, It's True that Lately I Have Been Eating Campbell's Pub-Style Chicken Pot Pie Soup and I Weirdly Like It.
Campbell's Chunky Chicken Corn Chowder, with some sriracha sauce, is a staple for me... can't vouch for the others. Don't let the rabble get to you, Christopher - eat what you like.
Feb 16 Jaymz commented on Bernie's More Popular than Ever, So Why Is He Still Losing So Badly?.
We are not just voting for a President, we are voting for an administration. The devil is in the details, and a Republican administration would castrate any chance for equality and justice during the next 4/8 years. I plan to vote Democrat, no matter what, but Bernie can't win a national election. He can remain a beacon for progress, just not as president.
Jan 26 Jaymz commented on First Hill Streetcar Is Slow but Aesthetically Satisfying.
Rail needs to have a dedicated right of way, and the ability to control intersection traffic signals if the rail cars are on the same grade as vehicle traffic, to be effective, otherwise it's just a line of attached buses with steel wheels. The cute factor will wear off soon enough.
Jan 26 Jaymz commented on My Neighbor Is a News Junkie So I Thought He'd Love Getting a Print Copy of Seattle Times and New York Times.
I have a weekend subscription to The Seattle Times and read the actual "paper" then, but during the week I read that paper online - the actual paper online, meaning the print replica with all of the ads and the articles in the same format as the dead tree edition. More convenient on the iPad or computer, but with the same "look". I want to support the concept of a newspaper, hence the subscription.
Jan 15 Jaymz commented on Saying Good-Bye to Mama's.
I worked in three different buildings close by in the '80s and went to Mama's frequently but trailed off; took a long time client there just a few months ago knowing it would close - same place, exactly. Oh well, time and so forth...