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Aug 27 Jaymz commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
I suspect the modern over protective parent might break down to finally allow risky activity, but it is a major "fail" to put your kid in the hands of an "expert" without a full vetting, even if the negligent expert is the fatal recipient of the accident.

It chills me to think that some kind of misguided political statement led to this tragedy; I would prefer to think it was just stupid - like letting your kid put his head in a lion's mouth just because a trainer in a fancy red jacket says: "I do this myself all the time!"
Aug 6 Jaymz commented on Savage Love.
Re: LW1 - haven't seen too many comments about "the kids" (number, ages, relationships with dickfaced husband, etc.) and just will say that any equation for her future actions must factor in the tykes. Maybe it just goes without saying, but that said anyway, I concur with most of the comments here (particularly the many on that sub-oral shit - ridiculous!)
Jul 22 Jaymz commented on Americans Don't Love McDonald's as Much as They Used To.
I have sensed a growing skepticism and concern about food in general - more and more people want to know what they're eating. I also agree that the economically disenfranchised can't just walk in and order whatever they, and their kids, used to get just a few years ago - no more automatic "fries with that". I'd feel better if they were getting healthier food from home instead, but food stamps have also been cut, so there you go...
Jul 22 Jaymz commented on What's Weirder Than This Commercial For a Vibrator With a Camera in It?.
I assume that white ring is a light for the camera - this could be a handy tool for an auto shop! Got to get the black one, obviously - you never know where that thing will end up.
Jul 21 Jaymz commented on Here Are Washington State's New "Driving While High" Commercials.
I followed that link about female stoners - a Stranger article from 2007. It would be interesting to have a follow up piece in light of the changes these past seven years.
Jul 16 Jaymz commented on In Culture News: Adam Sekuler Leaving, Female Thor Announced, and You Could Open for Lena Dunham.
I saw Stop Making Sense at the Market Theater when it came out - fabulous. I still own the VHS tape, with no way to play it...
Jul 3 Jaymz commented on Mitt Romney Should Run for President Again Because He's Like Richard Nixon.
Please sir, may I have another?
Jul 3 Jaymz commented on "A Burger Has Never Made Me Cry Before".
While this is a very nice gesture, and I approve and like it, I suspect this will not be a national TV ad and will be limited to online viewing and potential broadcast in areas friendly to the message. It also seems a bit long for a typical TV ad...

Still - thumbs up from me, but I haven't eaten fast food from anywhere in many, many years and this won't send me back.
Jul 2 Jaymz commented on Suburbs Are Not Cities.
Interesting, disjointed argument to this point. For me, it is a simple matter of semantics: What is "urban"? This is not the same as "city" (I live in The City of Bainbridge Island). Statistics on the percent of "urban" areas compared to "non-urban" areas would be impossible to obtain, and highly subjective. Let's focus on the concept of high density living vs. low density living and have a meaningful discussion on the pros and cons of each, eh? (in honour of the day after Canada Day...)
Jun 25 Jaymz commented on New Redskins Name Suggestions.
I have yet to see a serious discussion about this, but there really needs to be a viable alternate or nothing will change. I've been thinking about other names for teams involving indigenous North Americans like Chiefs and Braves and Indians that for some reason are not causing the same outrage, so one that actually might work would be Washington Warriors.

If you look at the original mascot for the Philadelphia Warriors basketball team before it ended up in California, you will see a cringe-worthy stereotype that has morphed into a more generic figure. In comparison, the logo itself for the Washington team isn't so bad, and actually would work with the new name.

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