Jul 4 tiktok commented on British Columbia Premier Wants to Re-Regulate Vancouver's Insane Real Estate Market.
I've been hearing that Vancouver is "too expensive to live in" for at least fifteen years.
Every year, more people live there.
Apparently the housing is consistently underpriced.
Feb 15 tiktok commented on Right-Wing Loons: Obama Had Scalia Killed!.
Really? I heard that he had a heart attack during an amyl-nitrate enhanced evening of sex with prostitute, died on top of the hooker, who was trapped under Scalia until someone entered the room a while later. The hooker made a run for it, had to be found, killed, and the body disposed of while they concocted a cover story for Scalia's tawdry demise, hence the five-hour "delay" before the authorities made it to the ranch.
Feb 10 tiktok commented on Chris Christie Is Returning to New Jersey; No Bridge Is Safe.
@5: They're tough, but unable to pump their own gas. How's that work?
Feb 10 tiktok commented on A "Proud" NIMBY Sent Us an Unhinged Letter About Heidi’s Homelessness Reporting.
To be fair, isn't Heidi a *professional* bleeding heart? You are paying her to write, yes?
Feb 4 tiktok commented on An Anonymous Website Is Asking for Amazon Employees' Horror Stories.
Let a hundred flowers bloom.
Jan 31 tiktok commented on Despite Increased Police Presence, Neighborhood Group Complains the City Still Isn't Doing Enough About RV Campers.
@16: I've known three people who ended up homeless. In all three cases it was substance abuse that fed a cycle of spending too much money on drugs/booze, losing the ability to hold a job, and then burning through all their family and friends who'd lend them money, give them a couch to crash on, pay for treatment, bail them out of jail, etc.

My recollection is that studies have found that about a third of the homeless have chronic substance abuse problems, a third have chronic mental health issues, and a third have "authority issues" that serve to bounce them out of jobs and shared living situations. There is no way to "fix" the problem without the rest of us spending a lot of money, via taxes, on "giving" these folks things they need--a place to live, medical treatment, job training, clothes, etc. If we get hung up on the "people getting stuff for free", then the inevitable long term result is giving them all those things...in jail, because eventually people hit bottom and fall afoul of the law. It's much more expensive to provide all those things in a correctional facility.
Jan 21 tiktok commented on Why Are Tribute Nights So Popular?.
"Covering" a tune is one thing, attempting to precisely emulate the recording and the physical characteristics of the originator is a different thing. Classical musicians don't do this--no orchestra attempts to replicate a recorded version by another orchestra, ditto for jazz musicians or thespians.

Pole dancers are always more popular than ballerinas.
Jan 20 tiktok commented on Ta-Nehisi Coates on Bernie Sanders: Why Is the Socialist's Imagination "So Limited Against White Supremacy?".
I dunno, how much does Coates want for reparations?
Dec 17, 2015 tiktok commented on Seattle Police Officer Punches Homeless Man, Gets One Day Suspension.
I want to hear more about training sessions where you're taught to punch someone who spits on you. WTF? If spit=punch, then what equals "shoot"? I'd like to see a complete list to make sure that the Bad Blue Apples haven't gotten a little too touchy before they light someone up.