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May 20 tiktok commented on Morning News: Union Leader Brushes Off Shell Protests as a "Nuisance," First Hill Streetcar Begins Testing on Capitol Hill.
Why is Shell being permitted to drill in Alaska when climate change is a threat to America's security? Consider that the entire US Military is pretty much petroleum powered (excluding nuclear carriers and subs--and the carriers still have to carry a shitload of jet fuel for all those thirsty planes).
May 18 tiktok commented on Seattle Police Say Three-Fourths of May Day Arrestees Were from Out of Town.
What percentage of the arresting officers were from "out of town"?
May 13 tiktok commented on Fact-Checking Mayor Ed Murray and the Seattle Police Department on Those May Day "Rioters".
No, I think the Mayor is correct--most Seattle cops don't live in Seattle.
Apr 20 tiktok commented on Study Finds Tampa Police Gave 80 Percent of Bike Tickets to Blacks.
What percentage of the bike-riding population in Tampa is black?
Mar 16 tiktok commented on I, Anonymous.
When I, Anonymous finds out about squirrels, mice, raccoons and birds, it's going to get ugly.
Feb 17 tiktok commented on The Morning News: The Space Needle Tells Workers to “Live on Less”; Earthquake Warning System Goes Live Today.
Boycott the Space Needle? Does anyone who lives in Seattle ever go to the Space Needle more than once?
Feb 4 tiktok commented on Colored Vinyl Ain't So Groovy, Says Curmudgeonly Music Editor Mike McGonigal.
Colored vinyl, like vinyl in general, has little to do with music, and all to do with object fetishdom.
Jan 23 tiktok commented on Ag Gag Bill Looks Like It'll Die in Committee (That's a Good Thing).
You meat-eaters have a lot to answer for.
Jan 20 tiktok commented on Moog to Restart Manufacture of Large-Format Modular Synths.
@9: In general, if it was recorded after 1986, it was digitized at least once before it reached the consumer. All the magic gone, gone, gone. But hey--you still get the crackles and pops.
Jan 19 tiktok commented on Proof That We Need Martin Luther King Jr. Day Now More Than Ever.
As I recall, Texas also has MLK/Confederate Heroes Day.

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