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11:09 PM yesterday very bad homo commented on Lion Bites Off Woman's Finger in Classic "She Said/Zoo Said" Story.
I'm team lion on this one.
Jul 25 very bad homo commented on Canadian Music Festival Bans Aboriginal Headdresses.
Perhaps a few people here could benefit from sitting down and talking with some tribal elders before deciding on your own what's appropriate. Seriously, though, do you know any Native Americans, and have you spoken to them about this issue? If someone tells you it's disrespectful to wear a headdress, then don't wear one. Otherwise, you are just being an insensitive douche.
Jun 25 very bad homo commented on This Is Such Bullshit.
This is all very dumb, I can't even either.
Jun 25 very bad homo commented on The Slippery Slope in Action.
Are the cars straight or gay?
Jun 24 very bad homo commented on What Is the MOST You've Paid for a Record?.
$35 for an autographed Knitters LP (because I'm a huge X fan).
Jun 19 very bad homo commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
Pat Benatar & David Johansen, 1981. I think I was in 8th grade.
Jun 19 very bad homo commented on Same-Sex Marriage Protest Flops.
What are they even protesting about any more? Marriage Equality has won. It's over. Go home, NOM.
Jun 18 very bad homo commented on The Morning News: Washington Redskins' Trademark Is Canceled Because That Name Is "Disparaging to Native Americans".
@62 As a gay man about to legal marry a Comanche (thanks, WA voters!) I find everything you say stupidly offensive. You can have all the idiotic opinions you want to have, but you can't just make shit up and call it a fact.

Basically, what Venomlash just said.
Jun 16 very bad homo commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
She's still putting out some pretty great music.
Jun 13 very bad homo commented on Glenn Beck Says President Obama Is Just About Ready to Put Conservatives in Concentration Camps Any Day Now.
Seriously, Obama needs to live up to those campaign promises. Conservative concentration camps were why I voted for him a 2nd time!

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