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Jul 22 brandon commented on Americans Don't Love McDonald's as Much as They Used To.
Ya know, I wouldn't mind the calories if Mcdonalds food actually tasted good. It doesn't even taste good by stoner standards anymore.

Jul 18 brandon commented on Sex Tape: White People Are Fucking Terrible.
I see these "raunchy" summer comedies come out every year and they are almost always bad, but I always hope that maybe, just maybe, this time will be different. I'm almost always disappointed, to the point where I don't go to theaters to see comedies anymore, AT ALL.

For every Bridesmaids, 21 Jumpstreet, and Forgetting Sarah Marshal there are 10 Sex Tape/Neighbors/Your Highness/Year One's that couldn't get a laugh if they had electrodes wired to the humor center of my brain.
Jul 17 brandon commented on Chicago Company Limits Employee Bathroom Breaks to Six Minutes a Day.
They can go ahead and fire my ass. If i'm paying the price for a night of Indian food the next morning, then I'm going to take as long as it takes. Unless they want us to work drenched in feces.
Jul 16 brandon commented on Clinton and Warren Supporters Declare Their Readiness.
Hillary is the woman with the best connections and chance at winning (at least at first glance). But Warren is the candidate we really want.

VP Elizabeth Warren maybe?????
Jul 16 brandon commented on Amazon Wants to Launch a Netflix-Like Subscription Service for Books.
Yeah, but you have to actually walk into a library to initially sign up to get your card to access their online books. That is INTOLERABLE!
Jul 15 brandon commented on Let's Make Airplane Seats Even More Uncomfortable!.
A side note, I wouldn't mind the current sardine can seat arrangement if they put dividers between the seats so people back fat doesn't leak over into their neighbors space.
Jul 14 brandon commented on The World's First Tumblr Convention Was a Disaster.
They need to get a bitchy hard-nosed middle aged lesbian to put it together. They get shit done.
Jul 14 brandon commented on The World's First Tumblr Convention Was a Disaster.
Is it wrong that I take delight in the failures of shallow overly-twee, and/or self-righteous tumblr-ites?

Seriously though, Tumblr can be a lot of fun if you can avoid the people who make it terrible.
Jul 14 brandon commented on Help a Visitor Out, Slog.
That Korean taco place by the rite aid on capitol hill is a pretty good cheap lunch.

Jul 10 brandon commented on Guest Editorial: Furious About Hobby Lobby? Take Back the Washington State Senate.
Really surprised at the lack of mention of Tim Sheldon. I've been voting against him for the better part of a decade but like a cold sore he just won't go away. No one seems to want to take on his good ol' boy network up in Bremerton.

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