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brandon That's a real QR code, takes you to my Tumblr (NSFW).
Sep 12 brandon commented on The New York Times Goes Crazy, Publishes Extremely Long Self-Parody on Cereal Trends.
I eat cereal as an occasional desert. Stopped trying to pretend it was an appropriate breakfast when I was in college. I had to give up the sugary ones like Cocoa Krispies or Golden Grahms. That shit was harder to kick than cigarettes.

Sep 8 brandon commented on BenDeLaCreme Will Lead You to the Light.
She got a raw deal on the comedy challenges. I thought she was funny and unique, just joan rivers insult comic knock off.
Aug 28 brandon commented on Gay Bathhouses Are Going Extinct.
There really isn't anything quite like it when it comes to group sex. I can't think of any other way to get a group of guys together that doesn't require being a professional party planner and syncing schedules only to wind up with no shows.
Aug 26 brandon commented on Are Women Who Read Fifty Shade of Grey Likelier to Be Abused By Their Partners?.
Even if there were evidence (which there isnt) of abused women reading Fifty Shades, how the hell can you draw the conclusion that the book caused their abuse?! Maybe the abuse made them attracted to the kink?

Still, its all bullshit from the get go so my point is moot.
Aug 26 brandon commented on Seattle's Brand-New Bike Share Program Welcomes Its First Members.
On a related note for those of you who intend to use this: Clorox Disinfecting wipes are on sale at Safeway.
Aug 15 brandon commented on We've Made a Huge Step Toward the End of Cable.
Correction: There is nothing nostalgic about cable TV. People have only kept it because they had to until VERY recently, in order to watch the shows they wanted to see. We had the tech long ago to abandon cable TV but the companies have had a strangle hold over content distribution. Still do, but now they own the content companies too so it doesn't matter, they still get filthy rich while doing nothing to improve the quality of their content or services.
Aug 14 brandon commented on How to Behave at Hempfest.
Remember it's Hempfest, not Methfest, Cokefest, or Heroinfest or any general drugfest. Tweakers stay home.
Aug 14 brandon commented on An Open Dialogue About Sexuality.
Oh wow, flashback to college and Queer Studies class.

I call it the cult of Righteous Indignation and Self-aggrandizement.
Aug 11 brandon commented on Amazon Continues to Be a Hot Mess.
Coupled with their crappy smartphone which just came out and Amazon has some egg on it's face.

They are spreading themselves too thin and behaving too much like a monopoly. They need to back off and focus on what they are good at. What that looks like I don't know, I'm not a bidness smartypants.
Aug 11 brandon commented on Christian Mingle: The Movie.
Lacey Chabert NOOOOO!

That is SOOOO not fetch!

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