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Aug 17 brandon commented on Is Netflix's The Get Down Any Good?.
I blame the presence of Jaden Smith. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way. I think its the sense of entitlement and the thinly veiled nepotism he's benefited from.
Aug 11 brandon commented on DEA Says Cannabis Isn't Medicine, Denies Rescheduling.
Repeal the controlled substances act, abolish the DEA, and use the money to fund drug treatment and homeless housing. The drug abuse of a few does not mean that the government has a right to tell us what we can and cannot put into our bodies. Yes, I realize that will make crystal meth legal.

And while were at it, throw every one of these assholes into jail out of spite.
Jul 25 brandon commented on Obama May Re-Militarize Police.
I'm glad to see BLM taking on police unions. They seem like the most logical concrete target right now.
Jul 5 brandon commented on Noted Economist Predicts Brexit Will Have an Impact on Seattle's Property Market.
So uh, does this mean I might be able to find a decent (meaning clean, in unit washer/dryer, and dishwasher) 1 bedroom condo for less than 200 grand on capitol hill?

I know, I know, I'm just being silly!
Jul 5 brandon commented on Mayor Involves FBI in Hunt for Source in Stranger Police Union Story.
Unions are GREAT! Awesome Sauce! Fantastic!

Except in the case of Policing where enormous power is handed to flawed individuals. The police should NOT be allowed to unionize.
Jun 29 brandon commented on Gay Man Takes to Reddit to Complain About Pride.
The Bears had stuff going on during pride too if this guy had taken the time to find out. If he wants a twink or what ever then he needs to put himself where said twinks can find him, or where he can find the ones that are specifically into bears. They exist!
Jun 22 brandon commented on "Near-Consensus" Among DOJ and Reformers That Contract Negotiations With Police Union Should be Public.
Why do we even have police unions?! It seems like the one job that expressly SHOULDN'T be able to collectively bargain and influence their bosses, in this case THE PEOPLE!
Jun 17 brandon commented on Why We Can't Whitewash the Pulse Shooting.
Everybody: "Oh it was horrible, crazy guy shot up the place on Latin night!"


Everybody: "But we just said i was on Latin..."

Liberal Arts Major: "DON'T WHITE-SPLAIN TO ME!"
May 27 brandon commented on It Was a Very Bad Week for Tim Eyman.
I was at the stop light in my car and I saw him crossing the street at the capital to get himself a (not so) delicious Subway Sandwich (going to subway when there is a Meconi's Italian subs on the other corner is another reason this man is awful). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to hit the gas.
May 20 brandon commented on ICYMI: Samantha Bee on Rise of the Religious Right.
Interesting how all our problems today seem to have a root in white supremacy. Even seemingly unrelated stuff.