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7:06 PM yesterday Max Solomon commented on Will Gov. Jay Inslee Make a Bid for the Presidency in 2020? He Says No, The Seattle Times Says Yes.
@9, 10: if Jay can make idiots think he's more virile than fat boy, who'll be 74 and still dying his hair blond, then the odds are pretty good.
12:50 PM yesterday Max Solomon commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart, Making His Bad Week Much Worse.
why don't these breitbart snowflakes understand HUMOR? he's the Joan Rivers of the alt-Right!

you could see it all go south on Overtime when he passive-aggressively told Maher that Malcolm Nance was "stupid", and Wilmore tore him a new one. all downhill from there.

that 250K advance, though. does he get to keep that?
11:48 AM yesterday Max Solomon commented on The Morning News: Mayor Murray to Give Address at Local Mosque, Seattle's History of Racism, and a Modest Proposal.
@4: that's the stone facing: white viens through a black field.
Feb 20 Max Solomon commented on Milo Yiannopoulos: Girls Are In Danger When Adult Trans Women Use Public Toilets But 13-Year-Old Boys Can Benefit From Giving Head To Adult Males.
i watched it. after seeing all the hype about this twit i expected a little gravitas, a little intellect. but he was a giggly bitch. nervous laughing, constant sniping, interrupting to stifle debate, no cogent points. he got exposed as a lightweight. his schtick works when there's no one to fight back. MRAs think the slander against feminist hyperbole is funny I guess.

IF there was any truth to his concerns about transwomen using women's restrooms, it might be "reasonable". it's not.

his bitchy aside to Maher about Malcolm Nance's stupidity (was that "funny"?) deserved every bit of Wilmore's rejoinder.
Feb 17 Max Solomon commented on Let's Talk About All the Lies Trump Told at His Press Conference Today.
@23: what do you think the odds are they don't read the Blethen Times?
Feb 16 Max Solomon commented on The President Is Insane.
@16: there's only a limited number of ways he leaves:

1. impeachment - the GOP would have to turn on him.
2. resignation - the GOP would have to turn on him.
3. death - heart attack most likely. he's making an effort.
4. 25th amendment - and that's for when he strokes or has an aneurysm, not when just acts the way he's always acted.

nope, this is our new normal for the next 4 years, min.