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3:41 PM Max Solomon commented on SL Letter of the Day: Kinda Asexual.
if you're on vacation, be on vacation. just stop posting these old posts, or have your minions stop. we'll live without it, just like we live without the sonics.
3:38 PM Max Solomon commented on Let's Build a People's Crossing to West Seattle.
you're trolling or you're fucking retarded.
3:00 PM Max Solomon commented on Have We Reached Peak Beard?.
@24: my complaint isn't the wispy, scraggly beards; it's the over-sculpted, I-don't-understand-where-the-bottom-edge-of-a-beard-should-sit-on-my-neck douche beards. or those where the bearer doesn't understand that combing and trimming are good things.
2:54 PM Max Solomon commented on New Column!.
pre-November 2012 humor.
2:52 PM Max Solomon commented on Train Driver Kicks Selfie-Snapper in the Head.
because you have to view it a million times to see what hits him
1:13 PM Max Solomon commented on Louisiana Lawmakers Vote to Keep Blowjobs Illegal.
if they vote to change the law, they'll be attacked from the right. if you're a southern politician, you can 't let anyone get the upper hand on moral righteousness.

1:09 PM Max Solomon commented on Oligarchy and Obama.
@18: you can say i'm a dreamer. but i'm not the only one.
1:00 PM Max Solomon commented on Have We Reached Peak Beard?.
I grew a champeen beard in 2012/2013. I had nothing left to prove, so I shaved it. The beard era is over.
12:42 PM Max Solomon commented on Police Beat: Knives Are Less Deadly Than Guns.
intervening in any public dispute between couples always seems to turn the danger onto the good Samaritan.

better to encourage them to kill each other and save humanity from their offspring.
12:37 PM Max Solomon commented on Republicans Realize That Maybe a Scofflaw Rancher Isn't the Symbol They Should Be Rallying Around.
@4: does bundy have a treaty with the united states? I don't believe he's a tribe. is he a tribe?

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