Yeah, it's a copy of that.

4:44 PM yesterday Dougsf commented on 7 Remarkable Robert Fripp Moments (Not With King Crimson).
Oh, no GG&F? They certainly had their moments.…
3:07 PM yesterday Dougsf commented on Will You Buy Google Glass Today?.
It's like They Live, except everyone can see it BUT the dude with the glasses.

@10, Ok, Google glass are probably more useful to more people, but I'm still curious what effect the market's rarely-seen cousin, the Invisible Hand of Shame, has on this launch.

Also, anyone else see the web-ad where they have one of the models wearing them in her wood shop? She's only sanding, but the idea of power tools and web browsing, just...hahahahahahahaha.
1:31 PM yesterday Dougsf commented on Will You Buy Google Glass Today?.
@8: x10
1:07 PM yesterday Dougsf commented on I'm Ambivalent About Total Control's "Flesh War" Single (but I Dig That '80s Flashback Title).
Agree. All's well then the second synth line that comes in throws the mood off, like someone JUST couldn't help themselves. It gets back on track after the halfway mark, but yeah, just cause you might as well jump doesn't mean the song needs it.
12:57 PM yesterday Dougsf commented on Will You Buy Google Glass Today?.
Curious how well these were do. I can't remember a product launch since the Segway where such a high-profile, cutting-edge gadget was tanked by a collective sense of dork. Or maybe it's just a solution to a problem no one has. Google glass could be either or both as well.
Apr 14 Dougsf commented on 36 People Shot in 36 Hours in Chicago.
@5 - Like most major US cities, crime (including gun-related murder) rates in Chicago have been steadily declining since the early 90s.…
Apr 14 Dougsf commented on Green Sunday: Hanging Your Laundry.
This is exactly what I did Sunday. Some shirts aren't meant for the dry cleaners, but too nice for the dryer. Plus, it's a good excuse to clean the tub.

I would recommend against lengthy exposure to direct sunlight.
Apr 11 Dougsf commented on Drivers Decry "Predatory" Uber.
@10 True it's not at the same critical mass in Seattle, but the analogs I can think of are uncanny: you have a business knowingly skirting regulation by calling their model something cute, missing revenue for city coffers (as you know, hotel tax is major in Seattle), patrons being siphoned away from unionized businesses, and a perceived issue of safety. On the pro side, it's kinda cool when you want to use it.
Apr 11 Dougsf commented on Drivers Decry "Predatory" Uber.
Not to be that guy (I say that a lot, I might actually be that guy), but wondering when the Stranger is going to take on Airbnb with the same fervor you've put toward ride shares. It's an extremely analogous situation also looking as if it's soon coming to a legal climacteric.

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