5:40 PM yesterday Dougsf commented on Car2Go Vehicle Parked in Ravenna Gets Tagged with Sticker Promoting White Supremacy.
Recently watched Don Letts' excellent The Story of Skinhead (for the BBC, Channel 4). Although America hasn't had any multicultural youth movement focusing on music and fashion taken over by the racist far-right recently, it's not hard to see the frightening parallels of how ideas can spread and progress can be erased, especially when they pan across National Front-inspired graffiti reading "Britain First" (sound familiar?).
1:29 PM yesterday Dougsf commented on Trump Scraps Protections for Trans Students.
We've had plenty of backwards-thinking presidents, but this may be the first president to actively bully children.
Feb 21 Dougsf commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Resigns from Breitbart, Making His Bad Week Much Worse.
@2 An advance is usually paid against future royalty earnings, so if the book isn't released he's $250k in the hole.

Glad this was posted uncut there's no doubting context, but the text on the screen was stupidly unnecessary. Felt like some sort of laugh track of indignation.
Feb 17 Dougsf commented on Take Donald Trump's Not-At-All Slanted and Misleading "Mainstream Media Accountability Survey".
I filled it out. If anyone's looking for a real-world example of begging the question, you'll find it there.
Feb 17 Dougsf commented on Savage Love Letters of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up.
Re: the Jill Stein guy

Jesus P. Christ I hate when people use the word "accountability" in reference to politics. It's absolutely meaningless. Also, everything else he wrote.
Feb 17 Dougsf commented on Let's Talk About All the Lies Trump Told at His Press Conference Today.
Out of curiosity over how smaller city newspapers have been covering this administration, I've been browsing what my commie, leftist-elite indoctrinated brain would consider to be more conservative, USA-town-this-is-what-people-think-is-a-normal-city newspapers. Des Moines Register, Kansas City Star, the Orlando Sentinal, etc. It's interesting to me what coverage of the White Hosue there is, while less sensational, still isn't favorable.

More interesting though is that smaller city newspapers have almost no national news reporting on their front page. We take for granted how less connected people are to the country as a whole in those small markers.
Feb 16 Dougsf commented on The Morning News: A Detained Dreamer's Tattoo and the UW Shooter's Wiped Cell Phone.
@4 - That the sentence was poorly worded, NY and SF rents are nearly double the price of Seattle's. What I can't tell for certain is if their Rental Affordability Index accounts for earning potential in said area—it appears to focus on hard numbers alone, which is strange in that they use the word "affordability" and not "most expensive."

Affordability-wise, this list would look very different.
Feb 15 Dougsf commented on I, Anonymous: You've Changed.
Ugh. These sorts of laments are the worst, as if it's the city's fault you're having less fun than you did in your 20s.
Feb 13 Dougsf commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Facebook Stalking Pharmacist Questions His Ethics.
I'd be pretty weirded out if my pharmacist (or doctor, or therapist, or toll-booth operator etc.) found me online.