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  • What song or movie makes you cry?: Like Water for Chocolate
  • Too many teeth or No teeth at all
  • What's your favorite Charles Mudede post?: The sexist one with the boobs
  • What do you like to read when you poop?: Sudoku Puzzles
  • Where do you buy your WOW Gold?: Korean slaves.

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Enigma is sorta working.
Oct 13 Enigma commented on Seattle Bicycle Share Launched Today! Here's What You Need to Know..
I just used one and really enjoyed it.
After running some errands on North Broadway, I hopped on a bike from the Harrison and Broadway station, returning it to the station pictured above. The seat is easily adjustable, though the speeds are little low for my style, but it's so convenient I'll likely be using this every day to get to work.
Yeah for living on top of a Hill and working downtown.
Sep 10 Enigma commented on RIP, Slogger Rhett Oracle.
I remember chatting with him at various Slog Happy events and smiling the whole time. He was a delight and will be missed.
Sep 5 Enigma commented on LTE: Why I'm Wrong for Parlaying a Cyclist's Death Into a Piece About Underfunded Bike-Safety Projects.
Thank you, @28 for this: "And as an aside, the whole "what about people who can't ride?" aside is demonstrative of just how dumb, or possibly mendacious, your interlocutor is. Some people can't drive, either, for medical or financial reasons. No one has ever suggested that's a good reason we shouldn't build a safe infrastructure for those who can."

This is the absolute worst argument. Mainly because pedestrian improvements almost always come with improved bicycle infrastructure.
Any "improvements" to car infrastructure is generally made at the expense of all other forms of transportation- walking and transit among them.

Ms. Kung was a bike commuter and was likely looking forward to riding on a safer 2nd Ave. If the City Council hadn't dragged its feet for years trying to promote a mode of transportation on the decline, Dominic's article wouldn't be necessary and we'd still have a talented and progressive advocate for the LGBT community still with us.
Dominic's article is exactly the kind of advocacy we need to come out of tragedies like these and I hope Ms. Kung's family sees it as one honoring her senseless death.

Sep 4 Enigma commented on Another Seattle Restaurant Oldie Is Gone.
This might be the saddest I've ever been at a restaurant closing.
My dad used to take me here all the time in the 80s. The people behind the counter were the nicest and the regulars ran the gamut from delightfully weird to scary weird, but all wonderful in their own way.
When I moved back here in '01, I was so excited to see this place was still opened, it was the first place I splurged on a non-dorm prepared meal.
Jun 19 Enigma commented on "If America Laughs at This, America Is Beyond Redemption".
I saw this at SIFF and can't recommend it highly enough.
Jenny Slate is wonderful, the direction is great, and the supporting cast is great. It's about more than 'just abortion' and I'm planning a trip to see it again with a bunch of friends.
May 27 Enigma commented on Gimme Your Fucking Papa Smurf: 20 Photos from Seattle Folklife Festival.
@2 Thank you. I was tickled when I saw David the Gnome and his wife, Lisa the Gnome.
@3 Hat maybe, but Papa Smurf doesn't wear a shirt, so, no.
May 17 Enigma commented on Must Be in the Air Here: The Songs I Listen To When I Miss Seattle.
I put all these songs into a Playlist on Grooveshark, but was sad to find that Chastity Belt and Muddy Holly weren't on there.
Guess no one thought them important enough to upload their albums.
Apr 8 Enigma commented on The Mariners Home Opener Is Tonight!.
Go M's!
Hope springs eternal and I look forward to celebrating a Mariners World Series win in November.
Apr 3 Enigma commented on Entertainment Weekly Circles the Drain.
The A.V. Club. The writers there are passionate pop-culture people, the community has some input on content covered, and the tone is just perfect for my tastes.
Plus, it's the only comment section I regularly participate (other than here) in because it kind of reminds me of Slog.
Apr 1 Enigma commented on Fhqwhgads!.
It's a glorious thing.

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