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Hill Denzien
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  • Cowgirls, Inc. or Pony
  • Where's your hairiest square inch?: I have thick, thick hair.
  • Honey Bucket or Wizards of Ooze
  • Ivar Haglund or Jean Enerson
  • God is: bigger than can be contained by humanities small minds.

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Enigma is sorta working.
Apr 8 Enigma commented on The Mariners Home Opener Is Tonight!.
Go M's!
Hope springs eternal and I look forward to celebrating a Mariners World Series win in November.
Apr 3 Enigma commented on Entertainment Weekly Circles the Drain.
The A.V. Club. The writers there are passionate pop-culture people, the community has some input on content covered, and the tone is just perfect for my tastes.
Plus, it's the only comment section I regularly participate (other than here) in because it kind of reminds me of Slog.
Apr 1 Enigma commented on Fhqwhgads!.
It's a glorious thing.
Mar 25 Enigma commented on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, Episode 5 RuCap!.
My dream three- Ben, Bianca, Courtney.
But that's never gonna happen cause those three wouldn't give the drama the producers want for the ending.

So realistic three- Ben, Bianca, Adore. Bianca will turn on Ben, Adore sticking to her new Drag-Step-mom.

And I would so have rather had Gia stick around for another week than deal with Laganja for another second.
Mar 20 Enigma commented on "Wow, My First Tweet Was Fucking Stupid".
"I signed up to protect my name."

Yeah, that sounds like me.
Mar 17 Enigma commented on The "Bad Seattle Fashion" Tumblr.
Dang it, meant @25.
Mar 17 Enigma commented on The "Bad Seattle Fashion" Tumblr.
@20 I think a lot of people represented on the blog dress for others- just not you.
I saw a few of my friends in the nerdy/roleplaying community on the site, wearing outfits I really appreciate and would consider swiping elements of for my own. For goodness sakes, the poster took a picture of a woman in a comic shop and makes fun of her for her unicorn outfit.
Talk about mean spirited.
Jan 31 Enigma commented on Jethro Tull Breathtaking Artwork For Sale.
This is the first album my dad asked me to download off Napster for him when I told I could get any album ever made from the site, in 1999.

Ahh, memories.
Dec 31, 2013 Enigma commented on 2014 Is Looking Up Already.
Happy New Year to you, Paul, and everyone else at The Stranger!
Thanks for the postings that keep me distracted from doing my job.
Dec 24, 2013 Enigma commented on Holiday Charity Challenge: The Final, Very Grand Total!.
Good on ya, Slog and everyone.

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