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Dec 4, 2015 watchout5 commented on The City of Seattle Wants More Out of Comcast.
The corrupt mayor who took at least $10,000 from Comcast the last election cycle passes a corrupt new 10 year EXCLUSIVE deal with Comcrap and he realizes after the fact that he got a poor deal? Bull fucking shit. This is entirely bullshit from the mayor. He should be ashamed of himself, but he probably doesn't have time with the courting more bribes and all. I knew it was going to go down like this. Seattle doesn't want good internet. Seattle wants monopolies, and continues to elect people who want monopolies, even if they attempt to claim their support of monopolies was a mistake.
Oct 8, 2015 watchout5 commented on If You Thought the Republicans Were Nuts, Wait 'til You See The Batshit Craziness of Next Week's Democratic Debate.
"I bought an Oculus Rift just to see Clinton in a pant suit"
Aug 21, 2015 watchout5 commented on Guest Editorial: Nine Ways to Be a White Ally in the Fight Against Institutional and Structural Racism.
I've felt pretty good about my support for the marijuana legalization even while a few of my white friends were against it because "omgz teh taxes". When I'd try to frame the debate in a social justice kind of way they'd mostly ignore me but I'm really happy that time proved me right. 10,000 people getting their possession cases dismissed was more than worth not being part of the "in" crowd / hempfest organizers. It's a small step and admittedly a slightly self-involved one, but I think that's where everyone's focus should be on when they vote. Not "is this the perfect law/politician for me personally" but is this law/politician going to make progress in justice for all. If we (white people) can't put aside personal greed for an issue like not putting people in jail for possessing a drug it would be hard for me to have much hope in other issues.
Aug 13, 2015 watchout5 commented on Guest Editorial: I Support Bernie Sanders for President and I Also Support the Black Lives Matter Takeover in Seattle.
"White folks don’t ever want to talk about race."

I get that maybe in general across the nation white folks don't wanna talk about race but in Seattle, at a social security rally, race was absolutely talked about. And the following day at the BLM march, white folks talked about race. It's never going to be good enough. So long as they can point to a single white people and say "they're not talking about race" this statement will spread and white people will be blamed for what stupid and ignorant people do with their time, rather than judging people based on how they act. I'm not going to say it, but you just gotta think about the kind of response to this from "the other side". Black people just wanna make crime. Neither are true, let's move past this bullshit.
Aug 12, 2015 watchout5 commented on What Bernie Sanders Said (and Didn't Say) After the Black Lives Matter Interruption.
"“The system has never, ever, ever, ever done anything for black people and never will.”" - There's something kind of ironic about someone saying this in regards to an anniversary party for social security, arguably a large system that has done great things for the older black community than most actions we've taken as a society. But social security is for everyone. Why should that count? *eye roll*
Aug 4, 2015 watchout5 commented on The Everlasting Death of Capitol Hill.
@15 Amazombies. Brogrammers. The kind of people who can afford a 3-4 times daily extra large starfucks sugar snack.
Jul 30, 2015 watchout5 commented on Defeated on the Willamette, Shell Takes the Fight to the Courts.
"You can't not enforce that law." - Quite literally, the person in charge of who is allowed and not allowed to enforce the law **IS THE FUCKING ELECTED GOVERNMENT**. How the fuck does someone get elected into government and not know that enforcement is 100% at the discretion of the people enforcing the law. America was created, and fostered, on the idea that we're allowed to do anything we want unless expressly forbidden, AND THEN, if someone does one of those expressly forbidden things, THEY GET A TRIAL BY JURY. Jesus fuck this country is stupid as hell sometimes. Boggles my mind that someone can get elected into office and not have any idea that they're the ones with the power to make change happen. We are not minions of a higher power. Our only law we have to answer to is the constitution. Says I have a right to protest. Who not enforce that law? Why not give a shit about our values? Our core values, not some value of a corporation who's sad they did business with a country that claims to have legal support for people who dare protest those in power.
Jul 16, 2015 watchout5 commented on I Feel Like We Say "I Feel Like" All the Time.
Well this one's easy for me, I don't really have many feelings so I don't feel like anything most of the time so me saying I feel like would almost never happen.
Jul 14, 2015 watchout5 commented on Here's What High-Speed Municipal Broadband Looks Like in a Town 200 Miles Away. Let's Do This, Seattle..
We've been trying to build this network for well over a decade. The time is now to finish the job and give everyone access to high speed broadband and start acting like our city wants to be relevant in the year 2015. The idea that we'd argue against this, as if some multinational corporation is going to save us from something we could easily do better and cheaper is laughable. The people who think we should drag our feet on this want to cost the city more time and more money in the past for their own personal greed of having some kind of a world view where city government doesn't do anything. The internet is a utility. Anyone who disagrees doesn't actually live in the year 2015. Gigabit today, gigabit tomorrow, gigabit forever. It needs to be the new standard. If we honestly care about keeping us all connected.