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Apr 13 TVDinner commented on I, Anonymous.
@35: I just bought both those books. I think they, and the online community you recommend, will be helpful not only to me but to my father as well, who's trying to extricate himself from forty-plus years of marriage to my mother. Thank you so much.
Apr 12 TVDinner commented on I, Anonymous.
One of the most horrifying things about the idea of parenting is raising up a mirror image of your fucked up self.

On the hopeful side: we fuck up our kids in new and interesting ways?

In all seriousness, I'm pretty sure just having the fear of that guarantees you'll do better. It's rational to fear parenthood because of its terrifying responsibility, but you can still be a decent parent even if you yourself were raised by wolves. Therapy -- good therapy -- helps.

At least, I hope it does.
Apr 12 TVDinner commented on I, Anonymous.
@28: From the offspring of one borderline mother to another: fucking a, I witness you. If you ever find a way to peace with yours, let me know. I struggle mightily seeking peace with mine.
Apr 10 TVDinner commented on "Teenage girls and middle-aged men are the source of the best modern television.".
Interesting that women are emotionally labile as adolescents and men are at middle age. Immaturity is a privilege.
Mar 30 TVDinner commented on Sunday Comic.
At least the tampon doesn't look used.
Mar 28 TVDinner commented on What You Can't Hear Could Kill You: Art and Speech by Six Women of Color in Georgetown.
Well, it's heartbreaking and painful for me.
Mar 24 TVDinner commented on Gimme Your Fucking... LEATHER!.
Oh man, these folks look GREAT. Keep being awesome, leatherpeople!
Mar 24 TVDinner commented on Is Seattle Dying? Is Seattle Dead?.
After having spent five years in Spokane, I can heartily recommend to Pam that she move there. In Spokane, nothing ever changes. She'd probably love it.
Mar 24 TVDinner commented on People Who Live in Microhousing Are Community Members.
@26: Also, why should they be banned from having cars? So the people who've been parking at the curb longer get to continue to do so? Huh. I see no possible downside to that!
Mar 24 TVDinner commented on People Who Live in Microhousing Are Community Members.
@26: Right. That's a great idea for affordable housing.


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