Yeah, it's a copy of that.

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10:55 AM saxfanatic commented on Obama to Normalize Relations With Cuba.
There goes Canadians' cheap Caribbean holidays. Oh well. The world's a better place this way.
8:11 PM yesterday saxfanatic commented on Savage Love.
LUGgage? I'm officially lost. Can anyone help me out here?

In my defence: I did catch the Smiths reference.
Dec 12 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love.
Over 200 posts? So much cyber-ink spilled! So many cyber-trees chopped down! Aaaugh!
Dec 9 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love.
Some things shouldn't be disregarded. I ignored my low genderfluid light for weeks and when I finally took my car to the shop I wound up having to get a whole new transmission.
Dec 9 saxfanatic commented on Obama Does Colbert.
Well played by all parties, indeed.
Dec 3 saxfanatic commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Straight Girl's Guide to Eating Ass.
Perhaps it is "like being waterboarded with ass on your face." Just remember though, it's not torture. It's simply an enhanced anal stimulation technique.
Dec 2 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love.
My very uneasy feeling is that MIM decided on labiaplasty long ago and just wants Dan to sign off on it. I can't begrudge her her autonomy but I really want her to change her mind. I appreciate Dan's careful answer, too.

As for WAW and Dan's advice for her, I'm more partial to the piss-fetish version of Richard III.
Dec 1 saxfanatic commented on SL Letter of the Day: Zoning Violation.
Staring into the backside of a woman's Escherpants, I could easily imagine getting trapped in an endlessly looping visual of a canned ham falling.
Nov 27 saxfanatic commented on Morning News: Happy Thanksgiving.
P.D. James? Alas.
Nov 25 saxfanatic commented on SL Letter of the Day: Criminal in Canada.
@11: Don't despair. While, technically, an ordinary citizen might have to satisfy parliament before proceeding with sex, if you're a member of the governing Conservative Party you'll be able - and no doubt inclined - to safely ignore the wishes of Parliament without ever having to account for your actions.

Oh, Canada.

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