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3:58 AM saxfanatic commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Sister Act.
So hard not to be judgmental...but here I go:
(H)e was in a relationship with a terrible, alcoholic, and mentally-unstable woman. They got pregnant early in the relationship...

It sounds like there was all kinds of critical thought impairment going on in that previous relationship and it doesn't sound like he's accepted responsibility for any of it. Regardless of who posted that sister photo it's clear that this dude has an unacknowledged weakness for hot messes. Throw in some unsafe sex habits in his late 20's, no less, and it's pretty clear that history is anxiously waiting to repeat itself.

Yes, ATU. It's time to flee.
Nov 20 saxfanatic commented on What Can You Do With Steve King's Gun?.
I can't imagine jewelry from gun steel being that much fun for prolonged skin contact. Blecch! Wedding rings are gold for a reason. The fanny paddle, on the other hand, is something I could definitely get behind.
Nov 18 saxfanatic commented on Man Shoots and Kills Woman During "Freaky Sex" Gone Wrong.
Military training 101: NEVER mix blank ammo with live (when in doubt treat as live) and again, don't point a weapon at anyone you don't want to kill.
Nov 11 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love.
Sheesh! So much hate for the shows. Look everybody, chill out. Go to your local Veterans' Day/Remembrance Day/Whatever-you-call-November-11 ceremony and reflect on those who put themselves in harms way for our freedoms.

... then go watch…
Nov 6 saxfanatic commented on HUMP! 2015 Opens Big.
...after the show that I ate her pussy out no less than three times and she watched me blow a massive load of cum all over my chest.

Who cleans that theatre, anyway?
Nov 6 saxfanatic commented on Hillary Gets It Ass Backwards.
Anal gets no respect. It's the butt of every sex joke.
Nov 6 saxfanatic commented on Damn Fine Police Work: Over Half the Student Body of One Colorado High School Facing Felony Charges.
This from a state that legalized pot? Does not compute.
Nov 6 saxfanatic commented on Mormon Church to Kids With Gay Parents: No Magic Underpants For You!.
@9: Further to that, if children of same sex couples staunchly support their gay parents, would they all be effectively immunized from a Mormon post-mortem baptism/conversion? That would be helpful.
Nov 4 saxfanatic commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Invisible Man.
Truly, FUCK, your odds of happiness would improve if you were to became less superficial and materialistic, but on the other hand you might improve your chance of success by pushing the ethical envelope. Your position on the faculty of Lumberjack Science might put you in much closer proximity to your target audience than most men your age. Just saying.
Nov 3 saxfanatic commented on Capitol Hill Is Getting a Pot Shop.
Mistakenly, I read a headline about the new pet shop and for a brief moment my interest was captured.