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in the past few hours Sargon Bighorn commented on Why Black Lives Matter Activists Are Calling for Another Protest on Black Friday.
Why is the Bureau of Land Management protesting?
4:21 PM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on TMR: A Couple of Neighborhood Notes.
But all those people on their lap top units were having dates with each other. It all looked so romantic.
4:18 PM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on What If the City Allowed Homeless Encampments in Residential Neighborhoods?.
"where the rest of us are allowed to live." No no, where we can AFFORD to live. I want to live on Central Park West, 25th Floor, NYC, but I can't afford it. It has NOTHING to do with "allow".
1:33 PM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on What It's Like to Be a Woman in the Writing Industry.
Watkins feels as if she's lived a life of pandering to old white dudes. Racist, sexist, AND ageist all in one swoop. You go girl! Do the heavy lifting, do the work, put in the time and effort and when you're an Old White Chick, some one half your age will encourage the masses to "burn down" what you have built.
Nov 23 Sargon Bighorn commented on City Council Approves 2016 Budget, Kills Another Attempt at Expanding Paid Parental Leave.
#1 Yeah I hear ya. Look people, your life style choices are really nice. I dig you having sex with people of another gender. Cool. I don't know if I need to be financially involved with that life style however. I'm thinking I don't need to be. However, if I can take some time off, due to my life style choices, then it's all fair all the time and we all are treated the same. Otherwise, nah.
Nov 23 Sargon Bighorn commented on Here's What We Should Fight For Next: Buck-a-Day Bus Passes.
#2 it happened to me twice, then I got smart. Register the card on line. Then you can set it so it will only work for one zone off peak (or what ever your needs are). A day pass would be great. I hope they bring them back.
Nov 22 Sargon Bighorn commented on Guest Editorial: An Open Letter to My Colleagues on the Seattle City Council.
#2 Madam Vel-duRay once again proves that having big hair does not mean having a small brain. Excellent question Madam. However, having big boobs does mean a small brain. That's just life.
Nov 22 Sargon Bighorn commented on Have Your Say About KUOW's Acquisition of KPLU on Monday.
The Public DOES HAVE a say, with their donations.
Nov 18 Sargon Bighorn commented on Ben Stein: Obama Hates America Because He's "Part Black".
Obama has called Israel to task for it's illegal activity and its brutality, no wonder a Jew hates Obama.
Nov 17 Sargon Bighorn commented on The Cover of Tomorrow's Issue of Charlie Hebdo.
Oh yes, bring on the drink!