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8:57 AM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on Community Groups, Local Developers Band Together to Rebuild Heart of the Central District.
"Developers across the United States too often treat similar neighborhood as "commodities," rather than community assets, they said." They who say such idiotic things don't understand how business works and hence never move ahead. Here's one little thing to understand if you understand nothing else; developers have ONE job. ONE. Guess what it is? Developers build or develop things. Their job is NOT to build a community. Nor to provide some sense of belonging, nor some notion of feel-good-well-being. That is the sole responsibility of those people that live in the developed area.
May 20 Sargon Bighorn commented on Taylar Elizza Beth Puts the Fresh into Her New EP, Fresh Cut Flowers.
For a brief second I thought that was Rachel's new look.
May 18 Sargon Bighorn commented on KEXP Will Help You Deal with Chris Cornell's Death.
He is at peace now. Peace is a good thing to my way of thinking regardless of how one gets there. Others may feel differently about being at Peace and getting there.
May 17 Sargon Bighorn commented on The Guy Who Invented the Bong Lives in White Center and Might Lose His House.
He can't make the mortgage payments making glass art. No doubt the bank is EVIL and MEAN and demands its money every month and it's JUST WRONG! WHAT? Flaky tenants? No no there is no such thing, only bad landlords. He must be a bad landlord as all landlords are greedy and just want money, to pay the mortgage, to evil banks.
May 16 Sargon Bighorn commented on Ethics Commission Turns Down Proposal for Legal Defense Fund for Mayor Murray's Child Sex Abuse Case.
The major has zero assets to protect himself in the event someone accuses him of child sexual abuse. WOW he has amazing vision of the future.
May 15 Sargon Bighorn commented on I, Anonymous: It's Seattle. It Rains Here. Get Over It..
#20 but you don't hate it enough to leave. Coward or just lazy?
May 15 Sargon Bighorn commented on I, Anonymous: It's Seattle. It Rains Here. Get Over It..
The indigenous people had it figured out; they built large structures with a fire in the middle of the floor, private sleeping areas around the permitter of the floor. Then they went inside 9 months of the year and danced, told stories, sang, ate, had fun, made art, and lived life to the fullest. We should do the same, but we won't. Rain is what makes this region amazing. See that greenery, yeah it's due to the rain.
May 15 Sargon Bighorn commented on Eight Months After Opening, Plantation Design Furniture Store Still Riling Seattle Activists.
Plantation blinds can't be used any more, and those that have them in their home are no doubt racists of the more horrible sort.
May 11 Sargon Bighorn commented on After Posting an Audition Notice Full of Racist and Sexist Stereotypes, Artistic Director of Theater Schmeater Resigns.
"following criticism on social media from some members of the Seattle theater community..." some people in the "theater community need to put on their grown up clothes.
May 10 Sargon Bighorn commented on How Mayoral Candidates Are Responding to Ed Murray Dropping Out.
#13 asks the 64Billion dollar question. The answer is 2cents: The others are not Mayor.