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10:15 PM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on Jeff Bezos Is Now the Second-Richest Man on Earth.
#1 your lack of respect means nothing. Start by living your life, not in the shadow of the rich, but in the shine of the sun.
Mar 28 Sargon Bighorn commented on It's 2017 and American Nazis Are Still Cowards.
"To Trump-enabled Nazis, I say this: Quit phoning in threats" Your Nazi is a Jew living in Israel. Care to explain that?
Mar 24 Sargon Bighorn commented on I Think On the Map Is Zionist Propaganda, but Director Dani Menkin Doesn't Think So.
"Now the Nazis are back. They're tagging synagogues with swastikas and threatening to bomb Jewish community centers in Seattle and around the world." And the Nazis are living in Israel and are 19 years old Jewish men! Trust no one.
Mar 22 Sargon Bighorn commented on Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz for President?.
BTW all you fuck offs, that means FREE COFFEE FOR LIFE FOR EVERYONE. Because you know free is free. But Freedom is not free. Makes no sense, but we hear that all the time about freedom.
Mar 22 Sargon Bighorn commented on Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz for President?.
#4 Yes. I want to have all 15 of your babies.
Mar 22 Sargon Bighorn commented on What Seattle Voters Can Learn From the Racism of Washington's Pro-Trump Rural Voters.
"He mostly saw Trump's skin color and his sex; and he mostly saw these things because, rally after rally, Trump made a lot of noise about them." Please provide one example of where Trump said something about his being White and being Male. I'm asking because I don't do the TV watching gig. I listen to the radio and I made of point of not listening to Trump. When and where did Trump have to declare his Whiteness and his Maleness? Thank you.
Mar 20 Sargon Bighorn commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: How Many Flakes Does It Take to Make A Flake A Real Flake?.
OMG a Gay man attracted to "younger men" how novel. He must be one of a kind.
Mar 20 Sargon Bighorn commented on Why Is the Girl With the Blue Green Hair Walking Around Our Block 100 Times Today?.
#1 Yeah she can make some news. Walk around the block and report on the people coming out of the cafes arguing.
Mar 17 Sargon Bighorn commented on The Morning News: A Possible Explanation for Why Many Rural Whites Voted for a Man Who Is Going to Make Their Lives More Miserable, US Shops For a War.
"They begin with: "Here lived..." What these plaques make clear is that the removal of Jews from their homes was an act of robbery. Nothing more, and nothing less. German Jews were deprived of their property and livelihood by force. These homes and businesses were not burned down to the ground. They were taken and used by the robbers." If one replaces Jews with Palestinians one has Israel. WOW.
Mar 16 Sargon Bighorn commented on Trump's Budget Threatens Funding for Light Rail Projects in Puget Sound.
#16 Okay I dig it. At grade it is. As fast as the slowest car. 19th century technology at 21st century prices. Oh well. Pay up suckers.