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Jul 15 Sargon Bighorn commented on Performing Race and a Dangerously White Production of The Mikado.
G & S were racists from the Get Go. Horrible people really. Making fun of the Japanese. They ate babies for breakfast, with out any seasoning. They kicked puppies and kittens. Of course the play is Racist.

And since White folk are always held up as the goal to be reached in all aspects of American life (education, income, home size, everything); all White people are racist too.

Is this not known already?
Jul 14 Sargon Bighorn commented on How Will You Be Voting on City of Seattle Proposition No. 1 (the "Parks District" Measure)?.
I will only vote for this if ALL the parks with fountains in them have the fountains WORKING for fuck's sake. A half working park is a waste of my money. And don't give me your "homeless people bath in those fountains so we have to shut them off to get the homeless away from us!" shit. No more money until the parks we have are all working.
Jul 14 Sargon Bighorn commented on Bags With Handles Suddenly Appear in a South Seattle Safeway.
Now you're upset with the checkers? Or is the other patrons of the store you find un acceptable? Mr Mudede you seem to be one very angry Black man.
Jul 9 Sargon Bighorn commented on Unbearably High, Obsessed with the Obvious, and Anti-Newsworthy: Questions to Guide Your Reading of The Stranger.
#1 does anyone grow pot the olde fashioned way? I did not think one could even find seeds for pot plants that will grow in the yard. Where can one buy such seeds?
Jul 2 Sargon Bighorn commented on Summer Is for Skinny People.
#12 OMG that was well played. Wonderfully put.
Jul 1 Sargon Bighorn commented on The Kind of Paper Grocery Bag Safeway Offers Black People Is Not the Same as the Kind it Offers White People?.
This is by far one of the most meaningless "race card" pulls I have read. Mr Mudede you should be ashamed of yourself.
Jun 22 Sargon Bighorn commented on Catholic Archbishop Asks Holy Spirit to Cure Gay People.
And ask the Holy Spirit that I get a pony this year on my birthday. Enough of this lazy slacker crap from the H.S.
Jun 19 Sargon Bighorn commented on Metropolitan Opera Cancels Simulcast of John Adams's The Death of Klinghoffer Under Pressure from Anti-Defamation League.
Anything that tells even a hint of the truth about how awful Israel treats the Palestinians in not allowed. Everyone knows that. To not know that makes you Anti-Semitic. See how that works, you anti-semite you. Don't deny you're anti-Semitic.
Jun 19 Sargon Bighorn commented on City Council Member Nick Licata Calls City Light CEO's Big Raise "Ostentatious," Says It "Sends the Wrong Message".
#1 The UW football team is not owned by the players like Seattle City light is owned by the city (rate payers).

The "wrong message" is that publicly owned (city owned) entities should not be paying over the top salaries. He's worth more than $15 an hour, but not $500 an hour or what ever. Does he really bring that sort of value to the city? Probably not.
Jun 18 Sargon Bighorn commented on Defeating Minimum Wage Laws Like Seattle's Is the "Top Policy Fight" of the International Franchise Association.
#15 but you won't be paying them $15 an hour, those bathroom cleaners. Some jobs do not warrant $15 an hour. Grow up and face reality. Flipping burgers never ever never ever never ever was intended for 40 hours a week for an adult with two kids in school. Stop turning those jobs into anything other than what they were made for, high school students and college students; not adults with two kids.

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