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in the past hour Sargon Bighorn commented on We Watched the Trump Inauguration So You Didn't Have To.
#4 if history is any indicator, butts on couches wins. However, "Where there is hope there is life."
5:07 PM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on Then and Now: The Rent Of a Central District Apartment.
#2 you are correct, "The owners of this building did nothing to warrant the doubling of rent for these units" but the voters did everything to warrant the increases. They voted for property tax increases to fund nice things. Did they think those nice things would not have a price tag? This is not profiteering, this is called paying King County it's property taxes for all the things people want.
4:03 PM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on Obamacare: Evil. Less Evil. But Still Evil..
#16 again, I so totally want to have all your babies. I've understood this for decades. Business should not pay insurance premiums (I once asked my HR folks to pay my car insurance along with my Health Ins. They did not understand). Businesses should focus on their business. Attracting the best and brightest is done not with compensation, but with creative latitude in the work place, or with high levels of quality work.
3:53 PM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on Then and Now: The Rent Of a Central District Apartment.
Mr Mudede, if you voted for all the nice things people want (ST3 for one example) please be aware you will have to pay for it, via your rent, via the property tax increase to the land owner. Renters in Seattle don't get Property Tax bills so they have no idea about real world costs of living.
3:25 PM yesterday Sargon Bighorn commented on Watch the Video: An Alternative Tour of Seattle with Charles Mudede.
Being rude is not Black progressive, it's being rude.
Jan 18 Sargon Bighorn commented on From "aPodments" to Luxury One-Bedrooms, We Scoured Seattle to Find Out What the Rental Market is Like.
The secret as to why the cost of housing is so High in Seattle. FIRST: Property Taxes Fund Everything of meaning in the State. If you don't get a property tax bill you won't know this. Property taxes pay for that ST3 you wanted, and the parks, and the schools, and lots of other things people want. Nothing wrong with wanting things, be aware you will have to pay for those things. It's that simple. High property taxes leads to high property rents, the county Demands its fair share. SECOND: there are other people wanting to live here due to jobs being available. If someone is willing to pay more for the same thing, then the something rents for more. Again it's not complex, in fact it is simple and there in is the deep frustration. Everyone can clearly see why living here is so expensive. It's called "Paying your fair share."
Jan 17 Sargon Bighorn commented on Crowd At MLK Rally Boos Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
Who invited McMorris? Why? What was the thought process? Did not the MLK organizing group know who she is?
Jan 16 Sargon Bighorn commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Lifelong Straight Guy Wants To Recreate Magical Gay Sex He Once Had With Smooth Guy Whose Queeny Ways Appealed to Him.
It would appear Mr. Savage is confusing Rain City Jacks with a drinking establishment. Mr. Savage, they are two very different things.
Jan 15 Sargon Bighorn commented on Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal Won't Be Attending the Inauguration.
#1 The only needed post. Well done.
Jan 11 Sargon Bighorn commented on Trump Gave a Press Conference About Pee Gate. He Probably Thought He Was Tremendous.
#6 Honest to Pete, please be part of the solution. Trump talks like a weird High School coach who knows his team is made up of unskilled unmotivated selfish goof-offs. (NOTE: The popular vote on the Federal level is not what wins presidential elections. It never has, ever, once, in American History, since the founding. Not making that up, it's like the truth, but hurts more).