Not enough like Twitter.

Feb 24 J.R. commented on Twink: The Other T-Slur.
Everyone's a victim.
Feb 19 J.R. commented on Are Voters Mad at Council Members Who Voted for the Tunnel? Poll Says Yes..
Geez, John Wyble's going to lose a ton of elections this year. O'Brien looks like the only sure thing, if he stays in his district.
Feb 19 J.R. commented on How Much Band Practice Is Too Much Band Practice?.
Once a week, you have a hard time remembering the changes in your songs.

Twice a week, great, but you don't get as tight as a band as you should.

Three times a week is perfect, but with people's schedules it's hard to accomplish that often.
Feb 4 J.R. commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that America's toddlers seem to be on an angry, mom and dad killing rampage?
Feb 3 J.R. commented on What Mike O’Brien’s Challenger Tells Us About the New City Council District Elections.
It seems so unfair that Mike might have to do his job, in addition to expressing his opinions on political issues outside his jurisdiction. Where can I send flowers?
Feb 3 J.R. commented on The Morning News: State Lawmakers Want to Make It Harder for Teens to Get Abortions.
@18: Our elected mainstream governor will veto this nonsense if it passes anyway.
Jan 27 J.R. commented on Licata Staffer Lisa Herbold Considering Council Run.
@11: You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.
Jan 24 J.R. commented on The Hypocrisy of Tim Burgess on Progressive Taxation.
Well, it's nice that the Stranger is getting the anti-Burgess re-election campaign going early, but this is a weak piece, even for Ansel.
Jan 24 J.R. commented on Transit Advocates Dance on the Grave of Tom Rasmussen.
Roger Valdez isn't a transit advocate. He's a single-issue developer shill.

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