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May 21 ingopixel commented on Sound Check.
This is perfect. I love you, Trent.
Apr 1 ingopixel commented on Starting Tomorrow, the Rhino Room Will Have Food from Ma'ono.
Also, can they please serve Ma'ono's incredible popcorn ice cream? I'm losing it over this news!
Apr 1 ingopixel commented on Starting Tomorrow, the Rhino Room Will Have Food from Ma'ono.
Feb 21 ingopixel commented on Lunchtime Quickie: KING 5 News "Honors" a Well-Known Heroin Addict.
There is nothing about this that makes any sense. Some dude from North Carolina decided to have a pit stop and is somehow a part of this? Fucking embarrassing.
Jan 20 ingopixel commented on Gimme Your Fucking... Go, Seahawks!.
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I adore being part of a city that gets super excited about stuff like this and turns it into creativity. The game was incredible and the fans are the best and I love you guys so much and I think I must still be a little drunk.
Jan 8 ingopixel commented on Cavity Search: You Can Eat Conversation Hearts Again!.
Yaaaay! Thank you for your tireless work!
Dec 27, 2013 ingopixel commented on Cavity Search: Holiday Candy is on Sale Right Now.
I know they're not strictly holiday candy but that roll of Necco wafers I just tore through sure did do the trick. So chalky and delicious! I especially love the pink ones that taste exactly like pepto bismol. Next I've got a roll of chocolate Neccos because someone in the old-timey candy world knows what the people want.
Dec 17, 2013 ingopixel commented on Congratulations, Nirvana: You're Rock and Roll Hall of Famed.
I am for sure surprised that Yes and The Zombies aren't in there yet. Though may I be the first (today) to note that this honor is pretty meaningless? The only time we remember that the RnRHoF exists is when we talk about what dumb choices they made during this present year, then we forget again until next year.

Off the top of your head, can you name a single band who was inducted and the year in which said induction occurred? Uh huh, either can I.
Nov 20, 2013 ingopixel commented on What's Crappening?.
This gives me all the feels. We'll miss you so, Megan!
Oct 30, 2013 ingopixel commented on Sound Check.
Damn Trent. This is awesome.

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