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Oct 14 emma's bee commented on Journalists Had to Defend a Free Press this Week Because Life Is That Bad Right Now.
@3: I saw a bunch of them as I was biking downtown to vote (for my girl Hillz, natch) yesterday. Never seen such a basket of deplorables. Nobody I know will admit to going, but sorry about your situation.
Sep 17 emma's bee commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
I'm also sorry to hear about 5280. We had plenty of disagreements about gun control, but he seemed like a decent person.
Aug 12 emma's bee commented on Today in Stupid: Another Newspaper Apologizes for Another Shitty, Insensitive Headline.
Let's not forget Kristin Armstrong, whose historic three-peat in the cycling time trial was lauded by USA Today as an opportunity to remind the world that she is NOT Lance's wife! For real! Oh, and I'm so glad to know what her husband's name *really* is. And what her five-year-old son thought of it all. 🙄

"The third gold will hopefully allow Armstrong to continue her campaign to help the public understand that she is not the wife of Lance Armstrong, whose ex-wife is also named Kristin. The gold medalist Armstrong is married to Joe Saviola."

Aug 1 emma's bee commented on Seattle Becomes the Third American City to Ban Conversion Therapy on LGBTQ Youth.
So glad that Seattle has done this. And that my city (Cincinnati) has been at the forefront of this anti-quackery movement, thanks to our amazing Councilmember Chris Seelbach and his allies.
Jul 26 emma's bee commented on Seattle Takes a Step Toward Banning "Pray the Gay Away" Conversion Therapy.
About time. We have had this ban in Cincinnati for 7 months now.
Jul 20 emma's bee commented on "Platforms Don't Matter," Says 21-Year-Old Pro-Trump Delegate at "Twinks for Trump" Party.
@OMFG, where have you been the last 8 years? You're like superman in reverse, appearing during presidential election years to make life insufferable.
Jul 18 emma's bee commented on From Skatetown USA to Trump’s RNC: Scott Baio’s Path to Glory, A Video Retrospective.
Scott Baio was always "meh" in the eyes of this GenX nerdy girl. Those of my ilk were into Lance Kerwin or Steve Tracy (may he RIP).
Jul 12 emma's bee commented on What We Know About Today's Power Outage in Central Seattle.
Catalina, if your bad self becomes distraught over power loss, then I start to worry that the end is nigh.