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Comic Sans must be abolished.

Jul 26 emma's bee commented on Seattle Takes a Step Toward Banning "Pray the Gay Away" Conversion Therapy.
About time. We have had this ban in Cincinnati for 7 months now.
Jul 20 emma's bee commented on "Platforms Don't Matter," Says 21-Year-Old Pro-Trump Delegate at "Twinks for Trump" Party.
@OMFG, where have you been the last 8 years? You're like superman in reverse, appearing during presidential election years to make life insufferable.
Jul 18 emma's bee commented on From Skatetown USA to Trump’s RNC: Scott Baio’s Path to Glory, A Video Retrospective.
Scott Baio was always "meh" in the eyes of this GenX nerdy girl. Those of my ilk were into Lance Kerwin or Steve Tracy (may he RIP).
Jul 12 emma's bee commented on What We Know About Today's Power Outage in Central Seattle.
Catalina, if your bad self becomes distraught over power loss, then I start to worry that the end is nigh.
Jun 27 emma's bee commented on Watch Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren Campaign Together in Ohio Today.
As goes Hamilton County (Cincinnati), so goes the nation. I will work like hell for Hilz here this fall. You're welcome.
Jun 22 emma's bee commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Good Priests, Shitty Bishops.
I had a Fr Tim who was a good one, back in the day. Dan, your podcast openings sound like homilies to me, from the sex-positive, progressive, atheist priest I never had. You were a natural for the seminary, in some weird way.
Jun 17 emma's bee commented on Car Dealership Gives Away Free AR-15 Assault Rifle With Every Vehicle.
God, it's so tedious around here when the gun-humpers show up to display their usual pedantry. Catalina, where are you, girl?
Jun 14 emma's bee commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Get Out There and Fight.
Every advice columnist in America should reprint this question and response tomorrow. Bravo, young man! Bravo, Dan!