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Apr 18 yucca flower commented on SL Letter of the Day: Lock Down.
Sounds like the boyfriend wants a 'have my cake and eat it too' open relationship. SOS is supposed to be monogamous but boyfriend gets to play? DTMFA
Mar 21 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.

I wouldn't call an adult who exploits a homeless mentally ill teen for sex the victim of domestic violence.
Feb 7 yucca flower commented on Adorable or Deplorable? My New Two-Word Architecture Column!!.
I saw no adorable or deplorable. I saw some new generic looking boxes too bland to be hated or loved.
Jan 20 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.
I need more information about the cat. Why would you not feed the cat for a week?
Jan 20 yucca flower commented on Rightwing Christian Gun Nuts Rally In Support of Rightwing Christian Gun Nut Who Cheated On Her Soldier Husband.
@2, I don't get it either since we've been referring to Jeebus nuts as Talibangelicals for years now.
Jan 17 yucca flower commented on When You're Sick, You'll Wait for the Answer, but None Will Come.
Self-cure...or you actually didn't have lymphoma. If you never went back for more extensive tests and diagnosis, then how do you actually know it's lymphoma?
Plus, the radiation therapy wasn't likely the cause of the metastasis. Tumors actually suppress other tumors. Remove one and it gives the others a chance to grow which is why people are prescribed anti-angiogenics and immunomodulators aka chemotherapy.
Jan 17 yucca flower commented on Google Glass Dead?.
I thought that this would be a good product for law enforcement. Make them wear it the whole time they're on the job, have the footage upload to AI for review, and then send a report of any anti-social behavior to an independent disciplinary board.
Jan 11 yucca flower commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Wrong Man.
Crazy racist asshole be crazy....and that cop totally should have checked the ID in the wallet first.
Jan 6 yucca flower commented on Sure, You Can Use Your 3-D Printer to Make a Copy of Your Pecker.
Wow, the future of unsolicited dick picks is going to be super annoying.
Jan 3 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.
Translation: Nice Guy™ throws tantrum when Date he met via hook app dashes his expectations of monogamy by only wanting no-strings hook up.

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