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Oct 6 yucca flower commented on Eleven-Year-Old Boy Shoots and Kills Eight-Year-Old Girl Because She Wouldn't Let Him See Her Puppy.

This boy had a history of bullying this girl. So he wasn't a "reasonable responsible kid". Everything else I agree with. Morons need to lock up their fucking guns or go to jail.
Oct 6 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.
Seattle is all about STFU and mind your own bidness. Keep your "compliments" to yourself.
Oct 6 yucca flower commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Can't Unread That.
@12, You also don't "accidentally" write down hurtful things about people and "accidentally" leave them out for them to find. Sounds like Betrayer/Betrayed just wanted to break up with GF and didn't have the balls to tell her to her face he really didn't find her that attractive.
Oct 2 yucca flower commented on Republican Who Blocked Revenge-Porn Protections Is Victim of Revenge Porn.
Rowan Atkinson and Dwayne Johnson are lovely people. Please don't compare their imaginary hybrid clone baby to this foul little wank stain.
Oct 2 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymous.
Hey, Anon, mind your own damn business. Why or where or how someone gets around the city is their business. The only personal transportation you should be worrying about is your own. Keep your pointy nose out of other people's rides.
Oct 2 yucca flower commented on I, Anonymusic.
So....any ideas who the 2 hit wonder diva is?
Oct 2 yucca flower commented on I Wish People Would Stop Disparaging Condos.
I've lived in condos, apartments, and townhouses before buying my single-family home.....I'd never go back. Shitty inconsiderate neighbors, shared walls to thin, repairs never made or done improperly, HOA boards stuffed with petty dictators...never again!

Hell is other people and nothing underscores that like life in an apartment building with crap managers and crap neighbors.
Oct 2 yucca flower commented on The Woman on CNN Making $7.50 an Hour Received an Outpouring of Help—and Then Was Accused of Being a Gold-Digger.
Fuck the assholes who hate on this woman trying to earn a damn living and raise minimum wage to a living wage!
Jul 23 yucca flower commented on To Kill a Mockingbird Will Never Be the Same.
Atticus was always racist. People, like Scout, simply were blind to it. Plus, the movie sanitized the book's worst parts.


Scout in TKAMB: “Cecil Jacobs asked me one time if Atticus was a Radical. When I asked Atticus, Atticus was so amused I was rather annoyed, but he said he wasn’t laughing at me. He said, ‘You tell Cecil I’m about as radical as Cotton Tom Heflin.’”

Apr 18 yucca flower commented on SL Letter of the Day: Lock Down.
Sounds like the boyfriend wants a 'have my cake and eat it too' open relationship. SOS is supposed to be monogamous but boyfriend gets to play? DTMFA