Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jan 28 Mr John commented on Watch Seattle Police Pepper Spray Teacher Jesse Hagopian on MLK Day.
Don't forget: Police officers can do no wrong since they are trained professionals who have to make split-second life and death decisions to keep us safe.

Jan 26 Mr John commented on Senate Republicans Float Bill to Kill Bertha.
Great. I hope the democratic caucus comes out in support as well as the governor. Everyone can cheer how bipartisan they were, getting on board with a republican bill.

Aug 4, 2014 Mr John commented on Hotel Fines Guests $500 for Every Negative Review Posted Online—You'll Never Guess What Happened Next.
To add to what @5 said, also check out the reviews that Yelp buries at the bottom. "57 other reviews that are not currently recommended" Also, keep an eye out for reviews who only have a couple reviews and no friends.

It's not a perfect source, but it can give you a good idea what's good when you're away from home.
Jul 23, 2014 Mr John commented on Seattle's Best Daily Newspaper Editor Says Stop Publishing Daily Newspapers.
This is a great idea, but it conveniently omits suggesting how the Seattle Times is supposed to afford all that when cutting their print ad inventory by at least of 80%
Feb 23, 2014 Mr John commented on Police Chief Misled Mayor and Council on Misconduct Decision.
I believe in the midst of explaining why he changed Marion's punishment, Murray mentions that he reviewed Marion's file and noted that he has no previous complaints against him. A good question to ask would be "Will future command officers also find that Marion has had no complaints against him after this process?"
Feb 19, 2014 Mr John commented on Flat Revenue Forecast Drives Home Fact That Washington State Cannot Fund K-12 Mandate Without New Taxes.
How would the WA St. Supreme Court enforce the mandate if the legislature does nothing?
Feb 17, 2014 Mr John commented on Is Bertha Still Stuck?.
I'm confused why that graphic show's Bertha having gone much further than it has.

It's either at the end of zone 1, or the beginning of zone 2.
Feb 14, 2014 Mr John commented on Kansas Approves "Turn Away the Gay" Law Legalizing Discrimination Against Gay Couples—And Singles.
I'd like to be the first call our state legislators to pass a "Turn away the Kansans" law.
Feb 12, 2014 Mr John commented on Why Won't the State Tell Us How Far Behind the Tunnel Is?.
I believe the talk of warrantying the machine is a bit of a red herring. The manufacturer may technically be on the hook for the machine but the state is undoubtedly incurring costs related to the work stoppage that Hitachi-Zosen will not cover.

It's like having your car break down on the way to your wedding. Ford will happily replace the water pump that broke, but the $20,000 of venue, catering and photography fees you didn't get the benefit of are your own problem.

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