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Jul 7 monorail commented on Today Marks 8 Years Since Syd Barrett Died.
Syd was an absolute genius. I've been aware of his music since I was a kid, but I only recently started listening to it carefully. It's worth taking the time to get past the somewhat dated 'psychedelic' surface characteristics (which is what put me off at first), because there's a lot of substance to the music that really rewards repeated listening. That's true of "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" and his solo work.
Jun 19 monorail commented on What Was Your First Concert?.
Alice Cooper was my first concert too! It was 1986, and I was 14. Awesome concert. At one point he chopped off his own head in a guillotine. The next day I tried to tell other kids at school about the amazing concert I went to, and they all said, "Alice who? Wait... you mean Alice is a guy?" But the teachers knew all about Alice Cooper, so I was able to share the experience with them.
Jun 19 monorail commented on Who to Blame for Bertha.
You left out Richard Conlin! Or maybe you just didn't want to kick the guy when he's already down for the count... but the asshole deserves it. Remember when he essentially staged a mayoral coup, signing tunnel agreements with WSDOT before McGinn even had a chance to look at them? Also, don't forget Pete Holmes, with his botched attempt to prevent the citizens he's supposed to represent from having any say in the matter.

We should remember not just that these politicians supported the tunnel, but also their relentless demonizing of McGinn and anyone else who dared to question their "wisdom." Remember Gregoire denouncing McGinn as a "disgrace?" Remember all the times Murray and Rasmussen and Conlin ridiculed and vilified McGinn and other tunnel opponents for not marching in step? And now Murray's our mayor, and we are truly fucked.
May 16, 2013 monorail commented on Do You Recognize This Man?.
It's John Cale from the Velvet Underground.
Apr 25, 2013 monorail commented on Why I Oppose Sub-Area Equity for Sound Transit.
I was looking forward to hearing what Ed Murray had to say about this. It is a complicated topic, and I hoped he would provide an articulate response to the issues raised by STB. Unfortunately, this is not an articulate response. He's so fixated on demonizing McGinn, he never gets around to addressing the specific questions that have been raised.

I have mixed feelings about McGinn, but Murray's attacks sound like exactly the same tune that we've heard from the anti-transit crowd (Gregoire, the Seatttle Times, etc). Not a good way to win the votes of transit supporters. Murray keeps shouting about how McGinn is 'divisive,' but all of the vitriol is coming from Murray.

I'm not all that enthusiastic about McGinn at this point (mainly because of the police accountability situation), and I had been considering voting for Murray. But Murray's response here hasn't been very inspiring.
Apr 8, 2013 monorail commented on The Only Thing That Can Change My Opinion of the Amanda Knox Drama?.
@17 edit-- that last sentence was supposed to say 'justly convicted,' not 'just convicted.'
Apr 8, 2013 monorail commented on The Only Thing That Can Change My Opinion of the Amanda Knox Drama?.
Maybe Ann Coulter sees a kindred spirit in the deranged prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini. Mignini is literally a raving lunatic. He sees a bizarre satanic conspiracy in every case that comes across his desk. If you stand behind his prosecution of Amanda Knox, you'd also probably stand behind the Salem witch trials, or the prosecution of the West Memphis 3 (which has many similarities to the Knox case). If you think Knox was just convicted, I urge you to familiarize yourself with the history of this frightening Torquemada-wannabe.
Mar 13, 2013 monorail commented on The New Pope Is a Bigot Just Like the Last Pope.
According to this, he was an active participant in the crimes of the junta:…
Mar 13, 2013 monorail commented on My Reaction to the New Pope.
@1 He didnt' just side with the junta, he was an active participant in their crimes:…
Mar 11, 2013 monorail commented on Gun Nuts and Drone Fears.
I'm not much of a fan of Rand Paul, but the intellectual incoherence on display here is coming from the faux-progressives such as the author of this post. We have a president who has actually claimed and exercised the power to execute people without a trial, and the Stranger's only beef is with those few who oppose the policy and stand up for civil liberty. If Bush/Cheney wanted to execute people without a trial, would you have issued the same kind of denunciations of those who challenged him? It's really pathetic that your entire sense of right and wrong is determined by whether someone has a 'D' or an 'R' after their name.

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