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1:45 PM yesterday monorail commented on An Actually Reasonable Email From an Actually Sane Sanders Supporter.
Suppose Clinton expressed support for the Orlando shooter. Suppose she asserted that the killing of 50 innocent people was not only acceptable, but appropriate and good. Suppose she vowed unconditional support for the shooter, including funding for more weapons and ammo. Would it still be "reasonable" to vote for her?

Of course, she would never do that... not unless the victims were Palestinian. And, in fact, when the IDF slaughtered 1500 innocent people in Gaza in 2014, including 500 children, Clinton was full of enthusiasm. When Obama expressed concern about the IDF's targeting of schools and hospitals and places of refuge, Clinton criticized him for it. Since then, she has vowed unconditional support for racist psychopath Netanyahu.

1500 innocent people: that's Orlando times 30. 500 children dead; 3000 children wounded, 1000 of whom were maimed for life. And Clinton thought it was the greatest thing ever.... which is why I will never, ever vote for that racist, genocidal monster.
Jun 29 monorail commented on How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Bernie-Or-Busters and Love the Polls*.
The more Sanders is able to wield his influence towards a progressive agenda, the better off Clinton will be in November. For instance, last week Sanders was pushing hard for opposition to the TPP as part of the official platform at the convention. Sadly, he was overruled by Clinton's people (Clinton was temporarily opposed to TPP during the primary, but now she's pivoting back like a good DLC dem). Trump has immediately seized on this issue (which will be huge in places like PA, OH, MI, etc), and since then Clinton's lead in the polls has shrunk. Clinton's worst enemy here is not Sanders; it's her own neoliberal/neocon tendencies. If Sanders and progressives lie down and surrender immediately like Dan Savage so desperately wants them too, they'll only be helping Trump.

Savage would realize this if he were capable of independent thought. Sadly, the DNC seems to have taken over his brain, with their overriding message: "PROGRESSIVES BAD!!!"
Jun 29 monorail commented on Emails From Reasonable Bernie Supporters Pour Into My Inbox.
Wow, Dan Savage is really consumed with hatred for progressives these days. That's all he seems to talk about anymore: the evil of Bernie Sanders; the evil of anyone who likes Bernie Sanders; the evil of anyone who has qualms about voting for someone who actually cheered on the mass-murder of Palestinain children... I guess that's what happens when you let the DNC do your "thinking" for you. Don't worry, Dan: no matter who wins in November, it won't be a progressive. You have nothing to worrry about.
Jun 28 monorail commented on You Can't Always Get the Populism You Want.
A "divided American left?" Clinton has nothing to do with the left... and neither does Eli Sanders, which is why he's so eager for progressives to surrender their cause.

If you're really concerned about Trump and the threat of right-wing populism, you should focus less on demonizing Sanders, and worry a bit more about Clinton, whose opposition to TPP seems to have disappeared now that she has the primary sewn up:…
Jun 23 monorail commented on Are Democrats Taking a Bold Stand on the Wrong Gun Control Bill?.
Thank you for posting this. I despise guns, but my love of civil liberty outweighs my hatred for killing machines. The "do not fly" list is horribly wrong; progressives should be trying to end it, not expand it.
Jun 8 monorail commented on Never Trump.
While Trump's overt racism is certainly horrifying, I am puzzled why no one seems horrified by Clinton's genocidal hatred of Palestinians. She literally cheered on the mass slaughter of Palestinian children in 2014, praising the IDF for shelling schools and hospitals. She's expressed unconditional support for Netanyahu, even after he ran an openly racist campaign-- even now, as he appoints the fascist Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister. We can be sure Netanyahu will double down on his brutal, genocidal tactics... and we can be sure he'll get a green light from Clinton, no matter how many children he murders. How can anyone who claims to be a progressive support this monster?
May 25 monorail commented on Clinton Winning Washington State Democratic Primary.
Pure nonsense. In 2008, the Stranger actually advised people to throw away their primary ballots because the democratic primary is meaningless. And now suddenly Dan Savage wants to pretend it's an accurate reflection of public sentiment? No wonder he supports Clinton: he shares her total absence of integrity.

Dan, you should stop posing as a progressive--- not when you torture the truth in support of a vicious, racist monster who cheered on the mass-murder of Palestinian children in 2014.
May 4 monorail commented on Learning From New York City's Subway Riders.
New York is wasted on New Yorkers. They're so jaded, they tune out all the magic and wonder and glorious madness of the city. Don't learn from them, Charles, except as a cautionary tale of how not to be. Learn instead from the fantastic children's book, "a Cricket in Times Square" by George Selden. This book contains everything you need to know about how to experience NYC.
Apr 20 monorail commented on Bernie Sanders Campaign Discovers They Actually Like Superdelegates After All.
Clinton took the same approach at about this time in 2008, once it became clear Obama would hold the lead in elected delegates. She called on superdelegates to overrule the voters and swing the nomination her way. Dumb idea then and now (and I haven't actually heard Sanders endorse this idea, just his campaign manager), but on the other hand the whole primary process is riddled with outrages against democracy (like NY's October registration deadline for an April primary).

I just keep wondering what kind of genocide Netanyahu is going to unleash against the Palestinians in January, when he knows he'll have a green light from Clinton (who was his biggest cheerleader when he was slaughtering children in 2014). When that happens, anything that could've prevented it will seem like a great idea in hindsight, even if it involved superdelegates.
Apr 19 monorail commented on John Hodgman Endorses Hillary Clinton.
Well, that settles it! If this guy supports her, I'm totally willing to overlook Clinton's support for the mass-murder of Palestinian children.