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Oct 23 emor commented on Why Do Record Nerds Care About Matrix Numbers?.

Yes, that is what being a nerd is. For example, don't get me started on 10mm differences in the "trail" aspect of a bicycle's geometry. Or what a 10th of a mm difference in the thickness of the top tube can do to the "feel" of a particular bicycle. These subjects are profoundly boring to 99% of the general public, but are frequently discussed by inveterate bicycle nerds.
Oct 22 emor commented on Confused by the "GamerGate" Tweets Clogging Your Feed?.

Clickhole is satire. It is making fun of people who write terrible articles about gamergate
Oct 22 emor commented on Eight Stranger Writers Race Across Town at Rush Hour.
Great article! One of my favorite things about my daily commute is passing dozens of cars stuck in traffic.

Re: helmets
I wear a helmet every day, but I dare not pretend like it actually does much to improve my safety. They are only tested for direct impacts of 7mph, after all.

Also, people make arguably worse health decisions daily (smoking, excessive drinking, not exercising) but are not nearly as maligned as the adult cyclist who chooses not to wear a helmet. My opinion is that its because the helmet brigade is anti-bike at its core.
Oct 16 emor commented on This Month in Bike Lane Blockages: Delivery Trucks, Armored Trucks, and Bollards.
The other day a car drove in the bike lane on 34th in Fremont to skip some traffic. When he pulled back into it, I carefully pulled up next to him and shouted


Through the passenger window as loud as I could.
Oct 1 emor commented on Why Do Conservatives Hate American History?.
Unfortunately for conservatives, reality has a liberal bias. They know this. It's why they hate education.
Sep 24 emor commented on The Morning News: Seattle Police Cracking Down on Bicyclists, First Hill Streetcar Delayed Until Next Year.
Fuck hand turn signals on a bike. I need complete control of my bike especially when I'm coming to a stop or turning. Removing hand -- especially the left hand, which controls the brake that provides 75%-100% of a bike's available braking power -- is clearly dangerous. I've seen people barely able to control their bike while pointlessly signaling their turns.

I think my position in the street signals my intentions clearly: am I in the left turn lane, or the far left of a through lane? I am turning left. Am I in the right turn lane? I'm turning right. This has worked for me and I've ridden nearly 20,000 miles on Seattle streets over the last six years.

There is one signal that is worthwhile: when you are changing lanes (like to turn left in a protected left turn lane) point to the lane you are about to move into before you move into it. I find this is effective and useful.

Also, bike law "crackdowns" are bullshit.
Sep 22 emor commented on Seahawks Win Super Bowl Again, This Time In Dramatic Fashion.
I care little about football, but these reports are my favorite things on slog these days. Good job dude.
Sep 19 emor commented on It Is a Terrible and Traumatizing Thing to Be Raped.
While I have no idea what happened here, but I do know that, on very rare occasions, rich and powerful people can use their wealth and influence to deflect accusations of wrongdoing.
Sep 16 emor commented on Bike Traffic Triples Thanks to New Protected Bike Lane.
I also gotta love "@4 Yes, they should have done that when that bicyclist buzzed down that old man in the crosswalk near Madison Park"

I'm actually afraid of stepping into the street on a "walk" signal because overzealous drivers making right turns without looking. I've actually been hit by such cars.

The problem is not cyclists. It's people who operate their method of travel unsafely on our streets.

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