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I'm just a cute raccoon from WA state with a lot of opinions and stuff.

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Jul 2, 2015 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Seattle Jury Acquits Protesters Who Blocked Highway 99 on MLK Day; Juror Says The Action Was Free Speech.
I still think these protests were incredibly arrogant and sloppy. Blocking traffic, blocking trains, blocking pedestrians, protesting a christmas tree lighting ceremony even. Interrupting people eating brunch at restaurants. What the fuck? These random citizens aren't the ones who've been killing black suspects. That would be the police. By targeting random citizens you're making the asshole assumption that EVERYONE (oh, but not you) is the problem, thus needs to be targeted. That is the arrogance. Interrupting emergency vehicles is serious. Making people late to work and fucking with people's delivery roots is serious because losing a job these days can be so rough on some people, can ruin people's lives believe it or not. You can't just make the assumption that those you're blocking are minorly inconvenienced. How would you know?! I also don't understand the point of these protests because it's not like these cop killings were being ignored. They were in the mainstream news media all the time! And most of this country WAS outraged. These protests were lousy and probably harmed the cause more than hurt it. I'm anti-racist, have protested a bunch in the past but I'm not arrogant enough to block some stranger in public and tell them I'm not allowing them freedom of movement just because I am outraged about our wars in the middle east, or because I'm fed up with global warming or any other serious issue that most Americans are already pissed / concerned about. Whether they agree with me or not. Even right wingers don't protest like this
Apr 12, 2015 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Why I Gave Up Booze in Favor of Weed.
It kills my appetite for alcohol, like nothing else, personally. Which is great because when I drink I drink a lot, and I can't even afford to drink a lot, but do anyway when drinking. When I get high, I dash my plans to drink later on because drinking just sounds stupid / very unappetizing when high. So maybe alcoholics should give pot a shot, as something to curb their alcoholism. If it works that could be huge because alcoholism is very tough to fight
Feb 8, 2015 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Adorable or Deplorable? My New Two-Word Architecture Column!!.
All of these buildings are cold and boxy. very little creativity went into their exterior architecture. fitting in a sad way because to many people Seattle is a pretty 'cold' city.

Why the fuck don't any of these new buildings look jazzy, even slightly? Why hold back? Sheesh
Jan 20, 2015 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on BREAKING: #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Blocking Highway 99.
I just think this is an incredibly arrogant form of protest. And that highway, in that area, has very few exits so a closure really does strand a lot of people right there with no way out. Oh I'd be pissed. I'd get even more pissed once a protester snarkily told me 'sorry you're so INCONVENIENCED, you and your privilege, which Mike Brown didn't have, blah blah blah . . '. Not getting to work on time is not simply an 'inconvenience'. When you get fired your life can start falling apart rapidly. Not getting to the hospital in time is not simply an 'inconvenience'. You really don't know who you are fucking with.

Imagine what would happen if you just walked down the sidewalk, held someone against their will from walking to their job and telling them 'I'm not letting you go to work today, because I'm doing my part to disrupt business as usual because black lives matter . . .'. It's the same thing, basically, and I seriously doubt it would go over well, no matter who it is. It's basically a big, arrogant fuck you to anyone who isn't protesting. Even the tea party jerks don't self righteously, physically interfere with random citizens
Dec 14, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Black Fists, Hands Up, and the Sentimental Market.
Agreed, Charles. I can't assume that Charles agrees with the following but I'll add that I think it's weak as hell for protesters to be targeting christmas tree ceremonies, commuters (anybody who isn't protesting, which I kind of take as a giant 'fuck you'), public transit -- such easy targets -- instead of the obvious problem which is the police. It is also a hell of a way for these protesters to marginalize themselves because most people do not get the leap of a connection protesters draw from a fucking christmas tree ceremony or the light rail to racist police brutality
Dec 12, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on The Democratic Party Could Tear Itself Apart Over Income Inequality.
Occupy is totally unfocused and they don't even give a shit about voting. With all the hard left / Occupy-core non-voting idiots voting and working to take over the Democratic Party the dems would've won last election, would win Congress and executive branch in 2016 and on top of it the Democratic Party would very likely become subverted into the progressive badass like a dream come true, with the Republican Party incapable of winning any election fairly ever again. Conservative bigots would probably have to create one whole new party just to stay in politics. Hallelujah!

But no. Occupy and extreme leftist (I know who you are, about half my friends) instead adopt this loser attitude that both parties are equally bad (you mfs really are not paying attention believe me), therefore why get involved, why run for office, why vote even? Occupy could have worked to upend/hijack the Democratic Party just as the teabaggers did successfully with the Republican Party .

So you know what? Fuck Occupy. They're full of loser attitude when it comes to taking this country back. They must be braindead and childish to believe they can feasibly just try to crash our existing system to replace it with a new one. A) we ain't got time for that B) a few thousand anarchist idiots are incapable of simply convincing everyone to go there way and taking over the most powerful country ever totally outside the system. Armed right wing militias would beat you to it anyways.

Take over the Democratic Party you fucking morons. Just because it has sucked lately doesn't mean it always will suck. The extreme right sure does not have that loser attitude.
Dec 9, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on The Torture Report Confirms That the United States Is Even More Monstrous Than We Suspected.
Yet another stark difference between today's republicans and democrats despite the left sitting out elections claiming both parties are 'the same'. Republicans are very cruel people who've lost their humanity, democrats don't seem to be. The mentalities of those in each party is very different. If you're ever detained as a suspected terrorist by this country you'd better hope a democrat is in the white house. Although you're still facing some very harsh circumstances when detained in this country, not torture though unless it's solitary confinement, from what I understand anyway. Good god the Bush years were awful
Dec 8, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Today's Protest Is Brought to You By "Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest".
So now these protesters are linking Niketown in Seattle to racist police brutality around the country? I'm not buying it at all. Give us a break. And I am not talking about the protesters who are actually sincerely for real about our racist cop nightmare in this country. But at this point I'm sick of the far left & anarchists in this country. You don't vote, you bash people for voting and then you throw fits over all this stuff that probably wouldn't be going down if voter turnout was very high in this country. Higher voter turnout happens to = more support for progressive candidates and policies which would even include more oversight and reform of our police departments. And you make shit up about how corporate stores downtown and holiday events are linked to racist, classist police brutality. Police departments need to weed out twisted cops but I almost never hear any of you talk about that. Nationwide reform of all police departments. What do you expect to happen with this protesting of Niketown? That people will stop shopping there, maybe Nike will go out of business and this police brutality will phase out? Please.
Nov 29, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Faces in the Crowd at Last Night's #BlackLivesMatterFriday Protest.
Let's get one obvious thing straight: Holiday shoppers, retail employees and caroling kids in Seattle didn't kill Michael Brown. You protesters are just targeting them because they're easy targets. Unlike the police. Maybe have the guts to keep your focus on the real problem: corrupt police. I am not even hearing any of you call for real reform of police departments, all I'm hearing is some bullshit nonsense that people at downtown shopping centers are guilty for Michael Brown's death. That is a hell of a leap. No?

If any of you were to get in my way and obstruct me from getting to a job, shopping, getting on the light rail to get to the airport on time, or anything else that's none of your goddamn business with no relation whatsoever to police brutality you can expect to get maced or worse

@29 - lol, yyyyeah
Nov 28, 2014 i'm pro-science and i vote commented on Live Reports from the #BlackLivesMatterFriday Protest Downtown.
Re: "Hands up, don't shop" / "People over profit Black lives matter" . .

Well I don't know if the far left of Seattle can possibly be more confusing. If I was one of these people shopping with kids in downtown Seattle or watching the tree lighting ceremony I'd just be thinking what the fuck does Michael Brown's murder have to do with my shopping, my being downtown, my freedom to walk into whatever building is open for business, my freedom to enjoy a classic tree lighting ceremony with my kids for a memorable moment. "Great, traffic and everything down here was already crazy now you protesters are jamming everything up worse." "Fuck you if you and your white privilege are inconvenienced, at least you're not dead at 18 . . " is what I figure a protester might want to shout back. Sigh.
At least with WTO '99 downtown was getting shut down to disrupt a governing body unaccountable to any of us, while at the same time leading a global economic system we're all at the mercy of. This though? I can't even tell what the fuck the goal of this is, or how shopping or a christmas tree lighting has anything to do with Michael Brown. It just seems like an unfocused tantrum or something. If there's a connection it's probably a hell of a stretch.
How is it that the focus isn't set squarely on the police in this country? With a goal such as radical reform of our police departments from the top down? Because if that doesn't happen we're just going to have the same shit go on and on, nothing getting done but more outrage for each wrongful death, assault, etc by police

You anti-cop folks, your passion is amusing (I don't mean that in a snarky way) but I don't even understand why you're still living in Seattle. A city like Seattle will always have a solid police presence. You might want to try a small town. I read about a protester saying more cops on the hill leads to more confrontations. There's a lot of crime and assault and gay bashing on capitol hill so if you want less cops there maybe come up with a plan to keep more people safe without them. This talk of these businesses on the hill asking police to help keep black people away or whatever, how the hell do we even know that's true? Could easily be nothing but a bullshit rumor, or a wild extrapolation