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Jan 29 Ben commented on Savage Sitcom Sells to ABC.
@34: I may be wrong, but single-camera generally implies a tighter, more edited and polished production, while multi-camera is looser and less edited. Multi-camera is more likely to have a studio audience, single-camera is more likely to have no laugh track. Multi is faster to produce, but requires compromises in production.

Beyond literally what camera setup they're actually using, it generally implies a difference in style or approach. Think 30 Rock or Better Off Ted versus Everybody Loves Raymod or Cheers.
Jan 22 Ben commented on I Couldn’t Be Happier About the Patriots' Illegally Deflated Balls.
Pats fans may be objectively more insufferable than Seahawks fans, but they're all the way at the other end of I-90. I don't have to deal with them every day, at work, on the bus, out in public. And on the off chance I do actually see a Patriots fan, odds are about a thousand times lower that they'll give me shit for wearing Vikings colors. Seahawks fans think they're rivals with everyone.
Dec 11, 2014 Ben commented on City to Crack Down on Pot-Delivery Services and Consider New Rules for Dispensaries.
Marijuana delivery seems like the ideal to me. "Oh no, we don't want pot shop storefronts near our churches or schools or whatever." Okay, so let people open delivery-only businesses; no storefront needed. The pot buyers are happier because they get their pot without driving across town, the pearl-clutchers are happier because they can pretend pot doesn't exist. I really don't see the downside.
Sep 23, 2014 Ben commented on We Asked 12 People at Fremont Oktoberfest: Who's Your Favorite German?.
Fffffffff I would happily, eagerly, ebulliently provide whatever amount of unreciprocated oral sex that aerospace engineer fancied in exchange for being lectured to about orbital mechanics or whatever. Jesus of fucking Christtown that is probably the sexiest thing I have ever seen/heard of in my life.
Jul 17, 2014 Ben commented on Russia Accused of Shooting Down Malaysian Passenger Plane in Ukraine, Killing Nearly 300 People.
@22: If Ukraine were proven correct, that the plane was shot down by Russian air-defense missile systems, would it still be incredibly irresponsible journalism to say that this is not a Ukrainian civil war?

Because that's what Mr. Kiley actually, you know, said. "If this, then that."
Jun 18, 2014 Ben commented on Amazon Announced the Fire Phone Today: What Do You Think?.
Recognize songs? Read barcodes? Gosh! What other features of my three-year-old WP7 phone does it have?
Jun 13, 2014 Ben commented on CNN Says It's Not Officially a School Shooting If You Have a Reason to Shoot Someone.
If you're mad at someone in particular and you shoot that person, your gun violence doesn't count as much as a person who walks into a school and starts shooting indiscriminately in the count of incidences of people walking into schools and shooting indiscriminately.

15 is already too many. You don't need to start counting anything involving a gun at a school, or near a school, or in the same town as a school, or involving someone who once went to a school. Inflating the numbers is disingenuous and doesn't do anyone any good.
Jun 6, 2014 Ben commented on Republicans Outraged That President Obama Called Bowe Bergdahl "Somebody's Child".
What the fuck!! Why you gotta lump me in with those crunt-sacks just because I've got shitty sinuses?
May 7, 2014 Ben commented on SL Letter of the Day: New To Topping.
BOY: I've been fucking people for years, and even after all this time, it's still been my experience that nothing kills a boner quite as effectively as "I must maintain this boner at all costs!"

Establish some kind of contingency plan with your partner that takes that pressure off, whether it be toys, fingers, trading places for a bit (maybe something like a playful "You call that fucking? I'll show you how it's done!" if that makes sense within the dynamic of your relationship), whatever. Acknowledge that it might not happen (and that it's okay if it doesn't) and it will be much more likely to happen.

Also, maybe cockrings.
May 2, 2014 Ben commented on The Game of Life.
@6: Do you actually need to feel accepted? Do you actually need to move on? Is advancing in the game more important than friends or lovers?

Is the game actually advocating any particular course of action, or are the preconceptions you've brought with you about life, games, and how a game about life would work filling in the blanks?

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