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yelahneb just wants you to love yourself.
Jan 21 yelahneb commented on Guest Editorial: Seattle Port Commissioners Turn a Blind Eye to Climate Change.
Always good to hear from McGinn - thank you!
Jan 20 yelahneb commented on Guest Editorial: Perhaps Seattle Should Find a Plan B for the Downtown Tunnel Project.
Thanks Thom - we definitely appreciate hearing this from someone in the know. It's easy to be pessimistic about this project, but this is more about being realistic.

@1 that's your takeaway from this article - a spelling error? Fuck off, dude.
Jan 19 yelahneb commented on The Morning News: For the Second Time in a Row, Seattle Is Going to the Super Bowl.
That article you linked to on the Packers site is hysterical. They keep using words like "bizarre" and "confusing" to describe the Seahawks game - dudes. You lost, because they played a better game than you. It's not that difficult.
Jan 18 yelahneb commented on The Seahawks Beat Green Bay, 28-22.
Jan 16 yelahneb commented on The Song of the Day Is the Late Kim Fowley's "Strangers From the Sky".
Seems like the "song of the day" would be more relevant if it was chosen before the day ended.
Jan 16 yelahneb commented on Why a Local Author Has Sixteen Chairs in His One-Room Apartment.
Spoiler: the reason is HEARTWARMING
Jan 16 yelahneb commented on RockCreek's Problematic "Hip-Hop Brunch" Menu.
This reminds me of that time they named places in the United States after the Native Americans we stole them from.
Jan 15 yelahneb commented on Broadway Cycle Track Bollards: Still Broken.
Couldn't be bollard to come up with a better joke, apparently.
Jan 12 yelahneb commented on New Year Brings New Bike Lane (And Now, Cycletrack!) Blockages.
As I bicyclist in Seattle, I don't mind sharing the road. It's helpful when one of the drivers hangs out nearby to help wave cyclists and cars around, but it's not absolutely necessary. I'm a grown-up, and I can handle the slight inconvenience, just like other grown-ups.


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