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yelahneb just wants you to love yourself.
1:10 PM yelahneb commented on Police Reports Illustrated: When the Getaway Car Won't Start.
Seeing as no one was shot, I'll assume everyone was all white.
12:54 PM yelahneb commented on Blabbermouth! A Stranger Podcast About What the Hell Happened This Week.
Oh sweet - I remember podcasts.
Apr 15 yelahneb commented on Seattle's Bike Share Program Is Doing "Pretty Well" Six Months After Launch.
I dig using Pronto, but I don't recommend them for hills of any size. The bikes are *heavy*. Also, don't ride away from the station immediately after taking one - check to make sure the breaks and gears work first, so if you get a dud, you can switch it out. I had this happen to me a couple of times - happily, when you dock a bike, you can press a button to notify them that it needs repair, and they won't allow it to be loaned out until the issue is fixed.
Apr 15 yelahneb commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
Elizabeth Warren for President.
Apr 15 yelahneb commented on America Needs Another Gay President.
Vote for the Democrat and hope for the best, same as always.
Apr 15 yelahneb commented on Inventor Creates MP3 Via Turntable Player Using Bluetooth.
@Mike: don't buy one of these - it doesn't sound like something you want.
Apr 14 yelahneb commented on New Age Is No Joke—Laraaji to Hold Laughter Meditation Workshop at Urban Yoga Spa April 25.
There's a joke here somewhere, but it eludes me at the moment.
Apr 13 yelahneb commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
Quick, someone mention Hitler!


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