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Nov 18 Eva Hopkins commented on Savage Love.
Msr. Vennominon @ 42 - farewell tour? No, where are you going..? You are one of the few Sloggers who was on here back when I joined. Don't go.

BTW: #1. Election Day was my birthday, &, #2., I was prepping for an invasive medical procedure the next day.

The election was horrible for many & some people have it wayyyyy worse than I do going into Trump's America. But that is definitely the worst. Birthday. EVER.
Oct 6 Eva Hopkins commented on Savage Love.
When Lindy West had her huge blowout column "Hello, I'm Fat" where she & Dan had an amazing back-&-forth about body issues, some Slog users (me) criticized Dan for observations of fatphobic writing, sometimes even when well was clearly meant.

Since then, I've observed flashes of Dan's growth on that subject, like the other day when he said something about all bodies being equally desirable, which is a nicely inclusive attitude. For someone who's a gym bunny & who's literally married to an underwear model, it was good to read Dan acknowledging that different types of body are attractive to different people. We know where that workout drive comes from..Dan likes brownies. ;) Me too. In his case, he's used exercise to offset the occasional brownie. In mine, until recently, the brownies had been winning.

Another topic on which Dan has mellowed his language: when he talks about lady parts. We all know they're not his thing, the whole "canned ham" fiasco - that's Google-able knowledge. But as someone who has hung his shingle for..almost 25 years? Nooo...more?..as a sex columnist, to say it was *just now* that he learned that the vulva was something distinctly different from the vagina is disappointing.

Credit where credit's due: Dan has always advocated that guys who like girls should please their girls & get them off. I appreciate that. It's fine if it's not someone's personal preference & much respect for calling in experts as necessary. But that's some pretty basic female genital anatomy. :/ One doesn't have to interact with an actual RL woman's body in any way to just know the basics.

Ah well. It sounds like the actual advice dispensed is solid, to both parties. If fluid-bonded sex with your partner makes your junk unhappy, either find some other way of doing it - lots you can do that's not PIV; wrap it again or break up & find someone w/ whom you are more biologically compatible. For the cyclist, get the right bike seat for your bike, & fucking first is usually applicable advice (IMO).

The whole "vagina versus vulva" thing is a grammar pet peeve of mine. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, upon seeing a naked woman, "XYZ person has a hot vagina", I'd have some bank. You don't know that. But I'll buy that they might have a pretty vulva.
Oct 2 Eva Hopkins commented on Newly Obtained Returns Show Trump Probably Hasn't Paid Federal Taxes In 18 Years.
Oh, I'm SO SURPRISED. Are you surprised? I SO am.

*the biggest eyeroll in all of human history commences* *BTW no matter what time you are reading this comment, it's still happening & my eyeballs are tired*
Mar 14 Eva Hopkins commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Off the Couch, Onto the Sheets.
(Although, nocute's story @1 has a happy ending..IDK. I just know *I* wouldn't ask out my therapist.)
Mar 14 Eva Hopkins commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Off the Couch, Onto the Sheets.
Even though the issues discussed weren't hugely impeding the patient's life, even though they feel on the same page, etc, etc - I wouldn't ask the therapist out. At least not so close to the end of working with them. @5 & @6 have the right of it IMO: the very nature of the therapist / patient relationship is that the therapist guides their client to a place of emotional safety, so that honesty can happen safely for the client. Sometimes that creates a sense of intimacy between the client & therapist; sometimes the intimacy is genuine, & the therapist is fond of X, Y or Z client / patient. BUT, the power dynamic is too great, & although the LW sounds like they have a decent beat on the rapport they have w/ their therapist, they could be reading it wrong.

LW: ask your the therapist if they want to remain in touch socially, & what methods of contact are OK w/ them. Email, etc. If the caregiver has any respect for their situation they won't be up for dating you right away, if at all. But if the attraction is true & mutual, AND you're willing to wait whatever the recommended amount of time is, go for it, I guess. I'd be hesitant, as I think it's easy to read the comfort a good therapist gives you as friendship or attraction when in reality it might be just them doin' their job. Also, be prepared..if the therapist was just professionally friendly, not flirting, try not to take it too personally or be resentful. It is sometimes difficult to sort through current feelings when working through past stuff w/ someone trained to get you to confide in them.

Dan: really disagree with you this time.
Mar 9 Eva Hopkins commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Of Cake and Cocks.
He probably feels less guilty about cheating with men versus cheating with women as his super-hot wife is potentially less threatened by men as versus women. This could be some combination of what 43 said - some people consider same-sex encounters as less "real" than opposite-sex ones - & maybe the wife is competitive with other women, & would be comparing herself to whatever women the husband cheated on her with.

Who cares? Clearly he doesn't. I'd bet it's just like Dan said: he's likely bi, usually more romantic with women, & has discovered these sexual feelings for guys..just no desire to have relationships with them later.

Agree with above Sloggers who say he doesn't sound like he's not very interested in the why is "very hot" wife isn't into sex with him...which smacks of not caring about her. I also agree he left out the details B/C he was hoping for a "get out of monogamy free" card from Dan.

He needs to be straight with her - ugh - & tell her ASAP that he's been hooking up with other people on the side. Whatever they decide should happen to the marriage after that, at least he won't have this absurd double life goin' on.
Mar 9 Eva Hopkins commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Drunken Demand.
Yeah, this situation doesn't sound like a good idea. Seconding Dan's advice.

I have an absolutely gorrrrgeous friend, who I was smitten with, who tried fooling around with me a couple of times, but it was always when she was using Ecstasy. I'd heard her talk about her morning-after regrets before & decided I didn't want to be one of them. She's hooked up with a guy now, who seems really good for her, but I wish she'd asked me when she was *less* tipsy. ;)

Don't go there with your friend. It'll complicate everything further, & your friend sounds like her life is currently already pretty complex. & even if she proposes a sober hookup, maybe it'd be better to just not have that fling. I'm usually in favor of going for it, overall, but it sounds like her dance card is already full.
Mar 6 Eva Hopkins commented on Nancy Reagan.
Sorry. I won't feel guilty about remembering history, & those who died in the 80's, & how society talked about them / treated them. This tendency we have to speak kindly of people because they're deceased is a polite glossing over of the messiness of life. People were also quick to laud Richard Nixon for being a statesman right after he died; there wasn't much mention of Watergate.

I don't have anything unkind to say about either of the Mrs. Bushes, but they didn't play as strong a role in their husband's Administrations as Nancy Reagan did in Ronald's.

Lava @26..yeah..watching people all around me die with nobody seeming to care..that has stayed with me. Seeing couples torn apart, people shunning them, families not supporting them..the memories of that grow dim, but they're not forgotten.

HIV isn't the likely death sentence it was when it first appeared & now that we have antiretroviral drugs, the horror of AIDS going ignored for so long feels like forever ago, most days. Just, not as much today.
Mar 6 Eva Hopkins commented on Nancy Reagan.
@17, It's not "wallowing in hatred" to not lament the death of someone who turned a blind eye to so much suffering. Nancy had massive influence in that White House, both on policy and (famously) on personnel choices / hirings / firings. We as a nation have a tendency to beatify people after their death. Yes, Mrs. Reagan had a complex life, & I didn't know her personally. I'm sorry her husband got Alzheimer's. But they encouraged the religious influence still currently tainting politics & ignored a huge health epidemic that carved huge holes in other people's lives & families.

The rest of the media is paying tribute to Mrs. Reagan. On Slog especially, it would feel disrespectful to Thomas's memory - & so many others - to not acknowledge how fucked up their treatment of gay people (we didn't say LGBTQA back then) & poor / minority people was.

She had a peaceful death at 94. Good for her. But I'm not going to suddenly forget how it really was back then because she's no longer living. It's not dancing on her grave to remember how the actions of her husband's Administration affected people.
Mar 6 Eva Hopkins commented on Nancy Reagan.
@20, I *did* forget to mention her later-life activism about Alzheimer's.

I just can't forget how the setup from back then - the huge religious influences of that administration, the war on drugs, the lavish lifestyle in the face of a troubled economy - has contributed massively to the setup we have today. & the tens of thousands of people dead from AIDS before it really had research dollars & basic compassion thrown at it.