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Aug 27 also commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
@25: "No one could have predicted"? Really? Argue that it was unlikely, that lots of kids shoot Uzis without killing anyone, that it was the instructor's fault. But I'm pretty sure if you asked 1000 people "what are likely outcomes of having a 9 year old fire an Uzi at a range", the number of people predicting "someone gets shot" would be non-zero. In other words, someone could have predicted.
Aug 25 also commented on California to Allow Dogs at Restuarants.
I'd avoid a restaurant if it became a haven for barking, aisle-blocking, or otherwise annoying dogs. But that's fine; if the restauranteur can make more money by trading my custom for dog lovers', more power to them.
Aug 20 also commented on The Racial Thing That Happened to Me Recently at a Madrona Restaurant.
I was at a restaurant with a friend (both of us are white). I paid but the server returned the card to my friend. Do you think this was racism, like they mistook me for a black person? Or maybe it was about hair color or height or something?

Or, maybe, could a busy server not remember who (or where on the table) they picked up a card?

Nah. Everything is racism, no matter how small the sample size. A bird poops on my head, it's bad luck. A bird poops on Mudede's head, it's racism.

Jul 28 also commented on Executive Director of Gun Owners of America to a Congresswoman: "You Should Do Your Job in Constant Trepidation".
@22: Are you seriously suggesting that peoples' opinions about gun control should be influenced by the motivations of long dead people in a totally different context? Would you support gun control today if it had been used to protect freed slaves 150 years ago?
Jul 21 also commented on Link's Train Is Like a Cheetah Chasing a Gazelle?.
Translation for those who struggle with metaphor: be safe, obey signals, because by the time you look up and see a train bearing down on you it's too late.

It's not a great sign, or a great metaphor. But it's hardly that difficult.
Jul 4 also commented on Uber Partners With Ultra-Right Wing Corporate Lobby ALEC.
@6: Uber carries insurance. The confusingly named UberX drivers also carry insurance, though many didn't until that was used as an attack vector by taxi companies a year or so ago.

But what a dumb story. Even if this somehow proves that Uber is satanic, how in the world would it give someone pause before bashing Seattle's terrible taxi companies and drivers? It's like saying that we should like Michael Bay more because James Cameron released a bad movie.
Jul 1 also commented on The Kind of Paper Grocery Bag Safeway Offers Black People Is Not the Same as the Kind it Offers White People?.
It must be so comforting to go through life as Charles does, seeing every tiny detail as complete confirmation of one's worldview.
Jun 23 also commented on I, Anonymous.
It may be that OP is a shill, a fraud, a cynical and highly paid operative. So what? Seattle's taxis *do* suck, and they are the first to use unethical means to advance their business interests.

I can see disliking Uber. I can't see defending the taxi business. They deserve every bit of unfair competition they get.
Jun 19 also commented on Hillary Clinton Signs Books for a Woman in a Panda Suit, a Benghazi Nut, and 1,198 Normal Folks.
Kudos to The Stranger on the headline's ambiguity about who was wearing the panda suit.
Jun 18 also commented on Mike Daisey Announces New Show Titled Yes All Women.
@5: No, he's just kind of a large dude.

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