Not enough like Twitter.

Jul 24 MRM commented on Gaza Explosions Seen from Space.
"The Earth looks better from a star that's right above from where you are."
Jul 22 MRM commented on Courts Do Battle Over Typo in Obamacare.
@8: as much as 7 and I probably hold diametrically opposed political views, he is right that this is not a "typo" as so many liberal news outlets are characterizing it. The first step in interpreting a law is what it's plain language states. You only go to legislative intent if the language is not clear. In this case the language clearly says that the subsidies are only for people who buy through a state exchange. Don't blame the judges for this outcome, blame the legislators who made such an egregious oversight in drafting the law. A typo is putting a letter in the wrong place, not explicitly limiting a a subsidy to one certain group of people.
Jul 16 MRM commented on Federal Judge Rules California's Death Penalty Unconstitutional.
It's a pretty common argument against the death penalty. When the Supreme Court suspended capital punishment in 1972, that's one of the reasons they gave.
Jul 16 MRM commented on Ron Paul, Who Ran for President Three Times and Lost Miserably Three Times, Has Advice for Rand Paul's Presidential Campaign.
@7: I enjoy Jones, but purely at a camp level. The fact that anyone takes him seriously is pretty scary.
Jul 14 MRM commented on The Republican Party Has No Idea What to Do About Gay Marriage Anymore.
They should probably just drop the whole thing and let God sort us out like their Bible tells them to do already.
Jul 14 MRM commented on The Monday Morning News.
Is there a less sympathetic figure than a tea partier who puts himself in danger of prosecution by helping to orchestrate a despicable and low down dirty trick, who then can't handle the pressure and kills himself? And no, it doesn't change my mind no matter how many of his friends insist he was a nice guy.
Jul 9 MRM commented on Utah Takes Gay Marriage to the Supreme Court.
The religious nutjob Supreme Court only shows up when the religious nutjob position conveniently also serves the interests of big business. If it cuts one way or another, gay marriage is good for business, so don't sweat it.
Jul 9 MRM commented on The Real Brazilian Tragedy.
@6: yes, I did notice the scale. That green thing in the middle is a single tree. The white things are cows. The structure is a lean-to likely housing an old hand pump and a water basin or a feeding trough. Like I said, the picture shows just about an acre, maybe a little more if you're being nitpicky, but not much more.
Jul 9 MRM commented on The Real Brazilian Tragedy.
I don't doubt the massive scale of deforestation in the Amazon basin, but that picture isn't really saying much. That's showing, what, maybe an acre of barren land? So what? It tells you nothing about the scale of the problem.
Jul 9 MRM commented on Judge Orders Boy to Have an Erection, Let Cops Take Photos.
It's stories like this and the guy who slapped his coworker and is now being charged with murder that make me glad I never ended up as a district attorney. Prosecution is a dirty, dirty business that naturally leads to perversions like this.

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