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Sep 23 MRM commented on Full Disclosure: I've Lied to Some of My Old High School Friends About Their Crappy New Band.
@4: No can do. I gave up at "prolly". I was happier not knowing that "natch" made an appearance.

Sep 17 MRM commented on Loving Obamacare, Backing Assholes Who Want to Destroy It.
"Obamacare" is not getting repealed, regardless of who gets elected. The minute that the sizable number of people who got healthcare through the program realize they would actually lose that healthcare, repeal will be off the table. The Republicans are just bashing the law in a cynical grab for votes.
Aug 15 MRM commented on Rick Perry Indicted By Grand Jury.
While I doubt this indictment is going anywhere, Rick Perry is a jackass. I can just imagine Republicans' frustration with him. He can fool some of the people most of the time, and he sooo looks the part. Unfortunately he can't even fake competence like W. occasionally could. Molly Ivins' nickname for him was perfect: Rick "Good Hair" Perry. It's his main asset.
Aug 15 MRM commented on We've Made a Huge Step Toward the End of Cable.
Expect your internet rates to go up. Soon we'll all be paying $120 a month for the super premium internet package with full bandwidth for Youtube and Netflix.
Aug 15 MRM commented on Ferguson Police Finally Identify Officer Who Shot Mike Brown.
@1: It doesn't matter what race the individual cop is. The issue is and always has been institutional racism that leads to disproportionate response by police forces to black people. This can come from black cops or white cops. It's a much larger issue than any individual officer.
Aug 14 MRM commented on Wesley Lowery, Washington Post Reporter Arrested in Ferguson, Tells His Story, with Video.
@3: Seriously, where is higher level leadership on this situation? The Ferguson PD can't be the end all be all of law enforcement in the town. They're obviously off the chain and leading themselves and the town down a path that will end in more tragedy.
Aug 11 MRM commented on I Hate When Radio Plays An ENTIRE Song!!.
What's the point? DJs can just do what they do in Baltimore: play a song and spend most of the time talking over it and doing shoutouts.
Jul 24 MRM commented on Gaza Explosions Seen from Space.
"The Earth looks better from a star that's right above from where you are."
Jul 22 MRM commented on Courts Do Battle Over Typo in Obamacare.
@8: as much as 7 and I probably hold diametrically opposed political views, he is right that this is not a "typo" as so many liberal news outlets are characterizing it. The first step in interpreting a law is what it's plain language states. You only go to legislative intent if the language is not clear. In this case the language clearly says that the subsidies are only for people who buy through a state exchange. Don't blame the judges for this outcome, blame the legislators who made such an egregious oversight in drafting the law. A typo is putting a letter in the wrong place, not explicitly limiting a a subsidy to one certain group of people.
Jul 16 MRM commented on Federal Judge Rules California's Death Penalty Unconstitutional.
It's a pretty common argument against the death penalty. When the Supreme Court suspended capital punishment in 1972, that's one of the reasons they gave.

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