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Apr 13 MRM commented on Tonight's Recommended Show: Mark McGuire's Gorgeous Guitarscapes.
I'd rather watch him sock a few dingers.
Apr 11 MRM commented on Recycling Astronaut Urine.
Charles, your education, such as it is, is a great diservice to you. You seem to have a pathological need to see everything through your ideology.

There's a very simple reason that recycling waste water is coming up now instead of 50 years ago: necessity. If you're going to the moon or orbiting the Earth, you can carry the water you need with you. In fact, any apparatus that would convert urine to drinkable water would be far bulkier than the water itself. If you're going on a much longer voyage, or trying to establish permanent bases elsewhere, then at that point necessity dictates that you reuse your water supply.

And the era of the astronaut is not over. Assuming humans don't destroy ourselves, we will be back traveling through space within decades. Our ambition has temporarily outstripped our technology. Going to the moon is like puttering around the harbor in a rowboat. Going anyplace else in the solar system is like an voyage on the open ocean.
Apr 10 MRM commented on Gun Nuts Prepare for "Shot Heard Around the US" Day on April 19th.
Whenever a gun owner says they need their gun to protect freedom and our rights, ask them where they were as the 4th Amendment was being crossed out line by line over the past 30 years. If they think they are defending our freedoms, they have failed.
Apr 8 MRM commented on Dispatches from the Republican War on Women.
The most mind-blowing part from the link:

"In 2012, Republicans in the Michigan House barred Brown, then a state representative, from speaking on the House floor after she used the word 'vagina' in a speech against an anti-choice bill."

No guys, you don't have a problem with women at all.
Apr 8 MRM commented on Headline of the Day.
I think it's unfair to choose Headline of the Day from a site that has become pure clickbait trash.
Mar 27 MRM commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Who's The Bigger Asshole?.
It's not the "fast lane," it's the passing lane. If you're not passing, move the fuck over.
Mar 27 MRM commented on The Morning News.
Storming the supermarket I'm sure seemed like a good idea, until of course the company decides there's no point in sending more food to restock if it's just going to get stolen.
Mar 26 MRM commented on Just Thought You Might Like to See My New Ke$ha Pin! Also, What Should We Do in Baltimore?.
Oh my god, DO NOT go to Golden West. What is wrong with people? That place sucks (unless, of course, you want to pay top dollar for shitty food). A block away from there is Food Market, which is even topper dollar, but is actually worth the money.

Golden West is the kind of place which, if it were in a top tier city, would be out of business within a year, but since it's in Baltimore it thrives. We've got a lot of those.
Mar 21 MRM commented on In Film Court, Jury Finds Forrest Gump Not Guilty.
@10: Yeah, I'm sure that's why you got a C-. My guess after reading your self-satisfied comment, you picked a target you thought would be easy pickings and wrote a lazy, shallow critique.
Mar 21 MRM commented on Seattle Needs to Start Behaving Like a Big City.
The thing that sets London apart isn't that people instinctively know to stand on the right, it's that other Londoners will loudly call you out if you don't.

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