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May 21, 2014 SpecialBrew commented on UW Students To Vote On Divestment from Companies Involved in Israeli Occupation.
I disagree with the idea you are racist to want a one-state solution encompassing all of the West Bank, 1948 Israel, and the Gaza Strip where one-person = one-vote.

White South Africans had to embrace a one-state, one-person vote (there was no carving away of a Zulu Homeland next to an Afrikaaner Homeland next to a Xhosa Homeland) and they certainly had more to lose demographically. Israeli Jews would still be 50% of the nation even if they folded in Gaza and the West Bank.
Mar 4, 2014 SpecialBrew commented on "There's Nothing in the Bible That Says You Can't Marry Your First Cousin".
Laws against cousin-marriage are American holdovers from Eugenics Laws of the 1920s, 30s.

You know civilized Europe US liberals put on such a pedastal? Every nation there its legal to marry first cousins.

The chance of genetic anomolies are less than 2% increased unless your family has a history of cousin-marriages all the time (in which case you are CLOSER than first cousin genetically).
Nov 15, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on Flowers in the Attic Is Coming to Your TV.
*small voice* I actually think it looks okay....
I am glad they made it a period piece, I remember reading my Mom's copy of the book in the early 80s and it was supposed to be taking place in the late 40s/early 50s I think.
Aug 27, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on Pat Robertson Is An Insane Old Bigot.
Oh I don't know, secret rings and deadly handshakes has such a de Medici sinister sense to it!
Much more dramatic that the actual reason so many people in SF are HIV positive: gay men like to have lots of bareback sex.
Oh, and do meth!
Aug 14, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on Is There a Bad Pattern With Seattle's Gay Dance Clubs?.
#22 No people who want to dance on ecstasy or other club drugs do. You can't expect a place to put that kind of money into a soundsystem, bring in a DJ from Montreal or Miami, and then think they are going to make their money on $4 bottles of water. Hence a cover of 20$ or more which is par for the course in other cities.

I moved to Seattle in 1998 and the cover for Neighbours was $5. It's still $5. They make their money on the drinks. Now some nights Q is more about the drinks I'm sure but I'm referred to the specifically gay-themed events where they brought in DJs with a gay, circuit party following and people still seemed to think it was a $5 alternative to Neighbours or the Cuff.

Thinking about it, it might not be that Seattle gay boys were cheap maybe the club just didn't do a good enough job making it clear that's the type of place they were. Or maybe they never were that...but it did seem that was the schtick they were attempted based on the promotions. If for whatever reason the gay community in Seattle weren't looking for that I can't blame them for trying another model.
Aug 14, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on Is There a Bad Pattern With Seattle's Gay Dance Clubs?.
Did Q shift away from gay marketing because Seattle gays were too small town and cheap to pay the covers? Q was bringing in DJ talent that you'd pay $50-$60 for in Toronto, Chicago or SF and I couldn't believe the Seattle queer hand-wringing and kvetching over the high covers of $20 or $15!! Never mind they paid $60 to hear the exact same DJ last San Diego Pride on a sound system that wasn't quite as good as Q's (credit where it's due).

I can't blame the place if the gay community wasn't going there in the necessary numbers or if the gay community was misguidedly viewing it as
just another $5 cover alternative to Neighbours or the Cuff. It was meant to be one of those electronica/house music clubs that bring in DJSs and charges "ticket style" covers depending on the talent no? If the gay community wasn't supporting that concept in this town with their money I can't blame them for focusing on another market who might.

Aug 5, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on Another Alleged Gay-Bashing on Capitol Hill.
I don't think anyone is saying he faked an assault just that perhaps his, um, drunken histrionics contributed.

The fact it was 5 on 1 shows it was a terrible cowardly action by the others no matter what the true story on the lead-up is.
Apr 18, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on After an Ultimatum, Gay Couple Sues Florist for Discrimination.
#29: You mean the gay hairdresser can't deny Ken Hutchison because he's an Evangelical Christian? I get that. I'm just wondering about politics. Could gay business owner A refuse service to the governor of NM because her political vetos on gay marriage? Or because she chooses the Republican party? I know he can't refuse her service because she is a Catholic.
Apr 18, 2013 SpecialBrew commented on After an Ultimatum, Gay Couple Sues Florist for Discrimination.
So would a gay hairdresser have the right to refuse his salon's services to an anti-gay politician or anti-gay activist like Ken Hutchison?