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Dec 11 arbeck commented on City to Crack Down on Pot Delivery Services and Consider New Rules for Dispensaries.

I'm usually not one to think of the children, but the packaging is a real issue. If it looks like candy, kids will eat it if they see it. I think dishwasher tabs need to be changed for the same reason.
Dec 5 arbeck commented on Spokane Has More Women Among Its Highest-Paid Employees Than Seattle.
It's not something that can be fixed overnight. Seattle's highest paying jobs are ones that men tend to go into. You simply just can't hire more women electrical engineers or software engineers to make up the difference. There simply isn't a huge pool of unemployed females in that field.

To fix Seattle's wage gap, you need to produce more female graduates in those fields. To do that you need to get more women majoring in those fields. To do that you need to get more women in math and science in high school. And you can't just do it at the Seattle level, it has to be done nation wide.

Even if you had the magic solution to get women on the right track in high school and balanced the male/female math and science problem today, it would still be a decade before the amount of graduates evened out and probably two decades until There were as many men and women in those fields. There were only a handful of women in my graduating class. I'm still 20+ years from retirement. Unless CS/CE degrees start going majority women, it's going to take a long time to overcome that imbalance.

Making sure that women are paid the same as men for doing the same job is important and should happen now. Balancing the number of men and women in specific fields is a generational goal.
Dec 2 arbeck commented on Harvard Exit Theater to Close in January, Varsity Theatre's Future In Doubt.
My living room has better sound and picture than the Harvard Exit. Plus more comfortable seats and better food. If a theater wants to survive it needs to be better than my house.
Oct 21 arbeck commented on Seattle Restaurant Week: A How-To for Cheapskates (With Best Bets).
It's hell on servers because you get a lot of people eating out who don't normally eat out. They often require extra explanations of the menu and may not be as familiar with tipping etiquette.

Also, since the average bill per table is much lower; the average tip is lower. It also forces servers to try to burn and turn as many tables as possible.
Jul 30 arbeck commented on BREAKING: Vast Majority of All Pot Tickets Written by Same Officer.

The places these tickets are being written are generally places with fairly high police presence to keep the peace. If you're going to smoke pot in a place where you know there will be cops, you kind of deserve your ticket.
Jul 25 arbeck commented on Xfinity Wi-fi Hotspots Are a Hot Mess.
Why would anyone use the comcast router?
Jul 11 arbeck commented on San Francisco Scares Off App That Lets You Bid on Public Parking Spaces.
A better system would be on demand parking prices. More demand the rate goes up, less demand the rate goes down. If there's no open spots, price is by definition too low.
May 29 arbeck commented on Yep, Google Is Mostly White Men.

My graduating class was almost half Asian/Indian.
May 29 arbeck commented on Yep, Google Is Mostly White Men.
Google is hiring at a rate greater than or equal to the rate at which minorities and women are graduating with degrees in CS. When you factor in that Google is hiring a lot of people with advanced degrees and/or experience it's even harder.

To fix the problem, you need more minority and women CS students. I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering 14 years ago from a major university. I don't recall a single woman, black, or hispanic student in my class.

To fix the problem of no CS graduates, you need to get those students interested in math and science early. But people have been saying that since I was in elementary school. I don't know how you do that.
May 22 arbeck commented on Mayor Murray: Do Right By Seattle Internet Users.

No, it's like my cable modem, or my router. It's something you could pick up from the company and install yourself. It's like going from DOCIS 2.0 to DOCIS 3.0. All you need to do is tell Comcast you have a DOCIS 3.0 modem and they can increase your speed.

The cost of the box isn't a trivial amount, but it would make a difference. The biggest cost would be in the internet backbone. Whoever runs the ISP is going to have to buy more OC-192 lines to start connecting to the backbone providers. For someone like Google this is easy, they already have tons of high speed interconnects to all of the backbone providers. Plus, much of the internet you seek out originates from Google's own networks they can serve up the content easily. In a municipal ISP, nearly all the data would be originating from some other network. To guarantee 1GBps speeds they'd basically need one OC-192 for every 10 customers (well, not really because not everyone is likely to saturate the connection all at once, but I'm trying to make a simple example). Otherwise they could advertise 1GBps, but never actually deliver it. Just go price out a OC-192 and then you'll see that it quickly doesn't make sense to deliver those speeds to the home, especially not as the default. Once the fiber is there, you can deploy 1GBps where needed and the customer is willing to pay for it.

But I would advise anyone against paying extra for more. I'm not sure I could even get the most out of a 100MBps connection, and I'm a heavy user. Like I've said before. Once you get to these speeds latency is much more important than speed. I'd rather have a 25MBps connection with 5ms latency than a 1GBps connection with 50ms latency.

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