Nov 21, 2016 arbeck commented on The Morning News: Seattle Is Home to a Fake News Site and Too Many Reckless Drivers.
Here's the problem with homelessness. If places stop spending, homeless people tend to leave. They go to where there are more services to support them. If you spend more on homelessness, you will attract more of the homeless. It's kind of a catch-22. The only way to really fight the problem effectively is attacking the root causes, which is very hard for a city to do. It's a problem that needs to be addressed nationwide. It involves drug treatment, mental health treatment, modifications to welfare and public assistance.
Jul 8, 2016 arbeck commented on Science News: The Left and Bernie Sanders Are Unscientific on GMOs, Seattle Is Wet and the Rest of the Country Is on Fire.

Do you understand how gene's work? I don't transfer gene's from what I eat to me. Eating an octopus doesn't give me any octopus DNA. Eating a tomato doesn't give me any tomato DNA. Eating a tomato with some octopus DNA doesn't do anything to me either.

We've been genetically modifying our food for thousands of years. Through random mutation, through irradiation, and now through direct genetic modification. How do you think all those varieties of tomatoes got to your farmers market? Someone genetically modified a tomato to make them. Not only that, most of those seed varieties were patented at the time. Just like horrible big business is doing now!

Comparing GMO foods to plastic or DDT is a strawman. Even if someone thought they were safe at the time, it could at least be recognized that there was a viable method for them to cause harm. Coming into contact with a new chemical compound can always cause problems. GMO foods aren't doing that. The foods don't contain anything we aren't already eating.

Even with all that said, GMO's are probably studied way more than anything you are going to ingest. You should feel safer by an order of magnitude eating GMO foods versus eating anything with Stevia for example.
Apr 7, 2016 arbeck commented on Morning News: Today Is Going to Be Hot, Cliff Mass Says No Reason to Connect Exceptional Heat Storm to Global Warming.
Also, the models of how the climate will change here due to global warming are pretty well understood. This particular phenomenon is not one that global warming is likely to exacerbate.

Cliff Mass is very good at providing details about what the climate here will look like in 50 years. He's just against being a chicken little.
Feb 11, 2016 arbeck commented on Morning News: Seattle Is a City of Bad Drivers, Man Slashed in University District Starbucks.
@1 it really doesn't have that much to do with salt. It's all about the surface area of the burger and how it loses moisture. It loses moisture fast enough that it dries out before any bacteria or mold can get a foothold. This has been debunked before, but still the rumors persist.

You can make a burger with all natural ingredients at home and it won't mold either, assuming that you you keep the dimensions the same as McDonalds. If you try the experiment with a quarter pounder though, you will get mold because the mold can start before it dries out.…
Feb 4, 2016 arbeck commented on The Morning News: No Cheese in Mickey D's Cheese Sticks, 8 Years for Creepy Ex-Bush School Cross-Country Ski Coach.
Do you really not understand the benefit of self driving cars or are you just be contrarian?

1) Congestion. Imagine if all the cars currently on the road balanced their routes to minimize congestion. Think that wouldn't be a benefit to the area?

2) Safety. The self driving systems in cars now (adaptive cruise control, self braking, lane departure, etc) are already reducing collisions and saving lives. If the self driving cars are better than humans (and they will be). The world will be safer for pedestrians and people on bikes.

3) The number of cars on the road. Imagine a car sharing service like car2go. Now imagine that instead of looking on a map and finding a car near you, you pressed a button and one showed up. There are a ton of people in the city that could go from 2 cars to 1 car. Or 1 car to no car.

The real question is why does the human race need to drive their cars at all.
Jul 21, 2015 arbeck commented on The Morning News: Seattle's Sticky Rent Control Debate, the Mayor's Trip to the Vatican, and a Bud-and-Breakfast.
Name one place rent control works. It simply doesn't. It allows people who got in early to get cheap rent. It allows those people to sublet and reap the rewards. It does nothing to help those who aren't here yet. In fact, it makes it worse for them because the supply of rental units drops as rent controlled ones never make it to market.
Jul 18, 2015 arbeck commented on Thanks for NOTHING, Nordstrom Rack.
Those aren't brogues or oxfords. They are a derby. Oxfords have closed laces, those are open laces. Brogues have perforations.
Jun 19, 2015 arbeck commented on A Man Wore a Bright Red Nazi Swastika Armband at the Seattle Ferry Terminal Last Night.
You're unlikely to have a reasonable discourse with a guy wearing a Nazi arm band. At best your're going to have a yelling contest. At worst thinks might get physical. He's obviously wearing the thing trying to get a rise out of people. So just ignore the guy.
Jun 8, 2015 arbeck commented on Council Members Nick Licata and Kshama Sawant Introduce Rent Control Resolution.
The historical evidence also shows that rent control doesn't work. It basically rewards those who got in early and punishes those late to the game.

If you're worried about rents being too high, you need to financially motivate developers to build more apartments at various price points. That means high density, high building heights, and things like apodments.
May 21, 2015 arbeck commented on Washington State Rules for Local Distilleries Just Got So Much Better, Plus Boom Noodle Reopens.

The TTB takes the producers word for it when approving labels. Which makes sense. They don't have the man power to check to see if you're really putting whiskey that's the right age in the barrel and if you're blending other distillate in. It was never a problem before because the big producers would never dream of doing something that could cost their license to distill. Almost all of the problems are with micros making bourbon and rye.

The TTB requires that if your product wasn't distilled in the same state that is on the label, you must disclose where it was distilled. For instance, Bulleit Rye has to disclose that it was distilled in Indiana. Many of the local producers are either bottling whiskey that they bought from sources in Indiana or Kentucky, or blending said whiskey into their own distillate. Ooola for instance has admitted in interviews that some of the whiskey in the Waitsburg Bourbon is from Kentucky. However, if you look on the label, this is not disclosed.

For bourbon and rye whiskey (other kinds too, but I won't get into that), any whiskey less than 4 years old HAS to put an age statement on the front. That age statement is the age of the YOUNGEST whiskey in the bottle and is the amount of time said whiskey sat in NEW charred oak barrels. Again, Oola said their distillate was around three years old. But there is no age statement on the label. This is a violation. Woodinville Whiskey also does this. Their micro barreled product is not 4 years old (a 4 year old whiskey in a micro barrel would taste awful), yet look at the label, there's no age statement.

Almost every micro distillery is violating those laws. When the distillery gets big enough, it tends to get complaints and the TTB will step in. See Templeton Rye if you want an example of this.